Literacy Education

EDU 665: CAS Directed Study

This course provides CAS students with an opportunity to focus on long-term applied research projects near the beginning of their programs of study, rather than wait until they have completed their regular CAS coursework. Some students enter the program having embarked upon long-term projects that will positively impact their schools or school systems. This capstone option gives them the opportunity to combine work on those projects at the same time that they take other graduate courses in their individual CAS programs. This project will be carried out through the program, but the culminating synthesis should take place in the last academic year of the program. Prerequisite: program permission required. Cr 3-6.

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Scholarships Available for SPY 627 Course for Spring

Reading Matters to Maine is offering a limited number of scholarships for those enrolled in SPY 627. Are you working in a K-12 classroom? Not receiving financial assistance for classes? Click here for information on how to apply. We have scholarships specifically for literacy students!

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