Three Year Course Plan for Literacy Education and TESOL

Please note: This Course Plan does not include courses offered in the fully online MSEd-TESOL program.

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The University of Southern Maine (USM) Literacy Education and TESOL programs offer courses, certificates, and master’s degrees to meet the needs of both pre-service and in-service teachers who live in Maine, out-of-state-and abroad. Whether you’re searching for individual courses or you’re interested in completing a degree or certificate program, we offer courses and programs in a variety of formats to serve you where you are.

This Course Plan lists what semester each course will be held, and in what format — online or blended. Blended courses include some sessions online and some sessions on campus.

  • Fully online programs include only online courses. 
  • Blended programs include both online courses and blended courses. 
  • Blended courses include some sessions online and some sessions on campus.

We are excited to now offer an online, 7-week format for certified teachers. For the Masters of Science in Literacy Education and the Certificate of Graduate Studies, courses are offered in an online, 7-week format. With six sessions per year, we allow teachers to begin your program at the most convenient time for you. Our academic advisors will meet with you and co-design a course sequence that works for you

How to use the Course Plan

  • If you are taking one class at a time: Browse courses by semester below to determine when you can take each course.
  • If you are completing a degree or certificate: You can plot out your future course schedule by cross-referencing each degree or certificate’s Course Sequence or Program Requirements. Browse Our Program Options

International Students:

You can study online or come to our campus and study in America. Our Office of International Programs offers guidance with preparing your application.

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