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Winter class registration opens December 1st at 10 am.

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Current OLLI Course Catalogs (click on any blue lettering for more information)

 OLLI Winter 2016 Catalog

 OLLI Winter 2016 Catalog

Steps to online registration:

1. Examine the catalog

2. Choose class(es) and/or workshop(s)

3. Write down the "Course Code"

4.Click here to register, or see instructions above in the "OLLI Online Registration Website & Instructions" section. 

Steps to mail-in/drop off registration:

1. Examine the catalog

2. Choose class(es) and/or workshop(s)

3. Print this registration form, fill it in, and mail it in or drop it off to the OLLI office.  OLLI staff will start processing hard copy registrations (in no particular order) starting December 8.  If you want your registration to be processed faster, please consider registering online.  (see above.)

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Past OLLI Course catalogs and SAGE Brochures


SAGE Fall 2015 Brochure

OLLI Fall 2015 Catalog 

OLLI Summer 2015 Catalog

SAGE Spring 2015 brochure

OLLI Spring 2015 Catalog

OLLI Winter 2015 Catalog

OLLI Fall 2014 Catalog

SAGE Fall 2014 Brochure

OLLI Summer 2014 Catalog

OLLI Spring 2014 Catalog

SAGE Spring 2014 Brochure

OLLI Winter 2014 Catalog

OLLI FALL 2013 Catalog

SAGE Fall 2013 Brochure

OLLI Summer 2013 Catalog

OLLI Spring 2013 Catalog

SAGE Spring 2013 Brochure

OLLI Winter 2013 Catalog

SAGE Fall 2012 Brochure

OLLI Fall 2012 Catalog

OLLI Summer 2012 Catalog

OLLI Spring 2012 Course Catalog 

SAGE Spring 2012 Brochure

OLLI Winter 2012 Course Catalog

OLLI Fall 2011 Course Catalog

SAGE Fall 2011 Brochure

OLLI Summer 2011 Catalog

OLLI Summer Registration Form

SAGE Spring 2011