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OLLI Pop-Ups

OLLI Pop-Ups began as a response to lockdown during the pandemic. But, as the pandemic slowly eases Pop-Ups keep going! Watch for new Pop-Up announcements in the OLLI Newsletter.

That’s what humans do. We recall, inform, opine, and gossip, because we need to communicate with each other. Here’s what I’m thinking. Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s what I know. What do you know? So not surprisingly, for many loyal members of OLLI, catching or lending an ear before or after class in the hallways of Wishcamper has been a much-loved part of their lifelong learning experience.

We couldn’t meet eye to eye to find out if we could see eye to eye or show off our latest photos. The disconnect was disheartening. So OLLI quickly moved the chatty camaraderie to computers, bringing us face-to-face again on Zoom. In so-called pop-up discussions, we have gone on sharing our news, ideas, photos, discoveries, and worries—free speech, because there is no charge to members for chatting.

Our online gab is no different from the hallway yak. We talk about moving from California to Maine, our favorite reads, and of course, food. There’ve been regular get-togethers to dish about local farmers’ markets, best bakeries for holiday treats, recommended restaurants, and how to save summer’s bounty for the long winter. Up next is psyching out where to go global in greater Portland to find the ingredients to make “foreign food,” and someone who has mastered that art to feed her family the food of her homeland will join in.

Pop-Ups are free, but you do need to register on the OLLI website. So, head over to the Special Events area of our OLLI registration page.

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