Resources for OLLI members

To order books from eCampus please visit:

Click on “Shop by Course”
Where it says Select Your Term choose OLLI. (The other terms listed are for USM classes. DO NOT SELECT THOSE)

There will be a drop down list where you can add your courses. OLLI courses are sorted by In-Person vs. Remote, and then alphabetically within each. After you have added the courses you are taking, click on “Find Materials”.

Book information and pricing will be on the next page.
You may add items to your cart and purchase as with any other online retailer.

Most items ordered from eCampus will ship to you from Kentucky – please expect around 5 business days for an order to arrive if they have the items in stock.

Additionally, you may select the University Store as a pick up location however it will still take the same amount of time to arrive.

Students also are welcome to procure books from other sources, including online vendors, local libraries, and friends.

HELP: If you need help with this process you may contact USM’s University Store at (207) 780-4070. Please note that you or the store may need to reach out to eCampus directly depending on the question – though we are happy to try to assist at the local level first.

If you have questions outside of the University Store’s hours, the eCampus website does provide technical support via a live chat or by calling (859) 209-695.

Maine Senior College Network

OLLI at USM is one of 17 active senior colleges in Maine and is part of the Maine Senior College Network (MSCN)

OLLI at USM is a member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Network. The Osher National Resource Center (NRC) was relocated to Northwestern University. You can find information on the Osher NRC and the overall Osher Network of lifelong learning institutes at: