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Reflections Magazine

The 2023 edition – Available upon request via email. Email us at olliatusm@maine.edu for a copy!

Please see our submissions guidelines below

If you haven’t done so already, save your work on your computer as a document or image file. Do not put your name anywhere on your work. (Artwork is an exception.)

Highlight and copy the following outline and paste it into your e-mail:

  • My name as it should appear in the credits:
  • The name of my work:
  • The category of the work (Art, Photo, Poetry, Prose):
  • My phone number:
  • My e-mail address:

NOTE: Information about me (in the third person (e.g., “Mary Shelley has written several….”):

Word limit: 35 (Please count them; we may have to shorten your account if it’s too long.)

For all art and photos

  • This is the medium I worked in (photo, oil, watercolor, ink, pencil, etc.):
  • This is what inspired my creation:
  • Word limit: 20 (Please count them; we may have to shorten your account if it’s too long.)

Now attach your submission to your e-mail.

Don’t send the work separately. It must be sent as an attachment to your e-mail.

Send a separate e-mail for each work you submit.

Every e-mail must have the information outlined above. If you submit five items, you will send us five e-mails.

Written work

We prefer Times Roman, 12 pt.

Poetry should be single-spaced.

Prose should be double-spaced.

NOTE: Prose has a 1,000-word limit.

We accept files from Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Do not use Apple Pages or Adobe PDF. They don’t work in our system.

Take a digital photo and send that in. The PhotoScan app from Google Photos is very useful and is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

**You do not have to cover your name. The Submissions Manager will save your original and then make a copy and blur the name.

We accept these formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png.

NOTE: Many photos arrive to Reflections (usually from iMacs or iPhones) as thumbnails, which are too small and not suitable for publication. We need the originals. Thumbnail submissions may be sent back to you.

Send the e-mail to Tim Baehr, the Submissions Manager, at tim.baehr@gmail.com.

Submissions will be acknowledged starting sometime in March and continuing into May.

Thanks to all brave OLLI members who wish to share their creative work!