Matthew Nixon

Adjunct Faculty

Matt Nixon teaches courses on Climate Change; its impacts on the State and Local Level in addition to actions and strategies that States and Communities can take to mitigate said impacts, Sustainable Communities and sustainable development, and marine spatial planning.  Mr. Nixon is currently finishing his doctoral studies in Marine Science with a focus on Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources in Orono.  He also owns a sustainable aquaculture/aquaponics company that produces rainbow trout, freshwater produce, and saltwater shellfish in a patent-pending 3D printed oyster recirculation system.  In addition to USM, Mr. Nixon holds an adjunct appointment at the University of New England where he teaches Marine Biology to undergraduates in a lab and field setting.  Prior to his work at USM, Matt was the Deputy Director of the Maine Coastal Zone Management Program for over a decade where he founded the State Seafloor Mapping Program, oversaw several municipal technical assistance grant and land conservation programs, and was deeply involved in Maine’s initial foray into Offshore Wind siting and development.  Mr. Nixon resides in Topsham where he serves on the Town’s Selectboard, the Board of the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust, and the Board of the Topsham Trailriders.