A view of our new Portland Commons residence hall construction progress. A few workers are gathered on one of the rooftops and on some scaffolding on the far right.

Riveting progress on our Portland campus

Our largest — and most sustainable — construction project ever is well underway. The new McGoldrick Career & Student Success Center, Portland Commons residence hall, and spacious Bean Green quad will open this summer!

A rendering of the new quad and student center on our Portland campus.
The construction of a Career & Student Success Center, a welcoming, spacious quad, and an environmentally-friendly residence hall will substantially change our student experience.
Two students working together, seated at a table in a classroom.
We purposefully cultivate a community with varied ages, backgrounds, and experiences to build an academic environment rich with a diversity of perspectives and ideas.
A student intern working in a community garden.
Our students are interested in the public good, making a difference, and committed to things bigger than themselves. Their involvement is a critical component of their learning and growth.
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