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  • Undergraduate applicant SAT and ACT test scores do not influence our admission decision.
  • Graduate study applicant GRE and GMAT test scores do not influence our admission decision.

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If we receive any supporting documents before your application arrives, we'll keep them in a holding file until we receive your application.

If you choose to collect all your application materials yourself before mailing or delivering everything to us at once, do not open your official transcripts* or recommendation letters*.

NOTE: All your application materials become the property of the University of Southern Maine once you submit them and will not be returned.

We must receive official transcripts* and recommendation letters* in the original, sealed envelope. If an envelope is opened before it arrives, we'll put your application review on hold until we receive a new, sealed document.

Application Processing Center
University of Maine System
P.O. Box 412
Bangor, ME 04402-0412

Official transcripts* and recommendation letters* must be emailed to us directly from the institution or author. If an email is forwarded to us from your account, we'll put your application review on hold until we receive a new email directly from the source.

Any of the following items may also be emailed to

  • Essays
  • Résumés
  • Additional supporting documents

*To be considered "official," transcripts must be sent by your previous institution through a secure clearing house; recommendation letters must be sealed or sent directly by the author. Our graduate admission application also offers an option to submit supporting documents through CollegeNET.

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