We are pleased to have the ability to serve our students with more than just standard medical care. In addition to the standard primary care services we provide, we also offer psychiatric services to our students. Our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) can diagnose and treat an array of conditions through a psychological evaluation appointment. Routine medication management appointments follow the diagnosis and prescription to manage dosage and perform any required diagnostic testing, and to check-in with the student.

There are three ways to obtain an initial Psychiatric Evaluation appointment:

  1. Obtain a referral through Counseling Services. Although some students can manage their diagnoses with traditional psychotherapy, there are those who may need additional help to better manage their symptoms. Speak to your counselor about being referred to the PMHNP for psychiatric evaluation.
  2. Obtain a referral through Health Services. Some students have never been on a psychiatric medication before nor are they set-up with a counselor. In that case any of the nurse practitioners at UHS can evaluate a student and make an informed decision to refer to the PMHNP for a psychiatric evaluation and medication management.
  3. You are currently being seen by a provider outside of the University. Some students currently have a psychiatrist or other medical provider who manages their medications. However, their provider may be out of state or country and cannot continue to prescribe and manage those medication while at USM. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Students who are in need of medication management services may book an appointment with the PMHNP. UHS requires records from all previous and current prescribers prior to the student booking an appointment.
    • NOTE: Our office cannot refill any prescription without the student being established for care with one of our providers and/or without proper documentation of the medication, treatment plan, and provider information on record.

If you are already an established patient of the PMHNP at UHS and need to book an appointment, please contact our office to book an appointment to re-establish or continue care.