Congratulations to the CMS Students on the Fall 2022 Dean’s List

Congratulations to the Communication and Media Studies students who are on the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s list for the fall 2022 semester:

Portrait of a husky; in USM colors in the style of Cezanne

Vincent Adornetto
Ahmed Ali
Taylor Brochu
Nathaniel Burnett
Amanda Butler
Ryan Carr
Austin Clukey
Zoe Collins
Mikey Coppersmith
Tiphaine Dautry Hanguehard
Aiydan Fenderson
Deklin Fitzgerald
Harriet Fitzpatrick
Alyssa Folger
Emma Forgues
Emily Gallant
Siama Green
Isabella Jones
Kristen Kaichen
Larson Kenney
Jacob Lamson
Kelly Lauricella
Lex Lecrone
Sam Libby
Nolan Lyne
Dani Mills
Zanayah Moore Simms
Ella Nason
Olivia O’Donnell
Shae-Lynn Pagurko
Elena Peters
Norma Quintanilla-Davila
Jessilyn Rich
Christian Richter
Autumn Rouse
Kendall Smith
Jamaal Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Mei Strout
Ocean Swanson-Dexel
Bridgette Toland
Grace Treadwell
Amber Veilleux
Lila Weirich
Sarah Whitney
Eben Wintle