Part-time Art Faculty, Helen Stringfellow, in Exhibition “The View From Here” at CMCA in Rockland, ME

Tectonic Industries artwork in the exhibition "The View From Here."

Exhibiting sculptors, Helen Stringfellow and Lars Jerlach, are partners in a collaborative art enterprise called Tectonic Industries. Their work examines the artifice inherent within the creation of the modern myths and belief systems of popular culture.

Tectonic Industries is currently exhibiting in the Exhibition, The View from Here, at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland, Maine. Helen Stringfellow is a part-time Studio Art Faculty in Foundations, Sculpture, and Entrepreneurship.

The View from Here is a thematic group exhibition featuring works by 20 artists (including two collaboratives) who have previously exhibited or otherwise been involved at CMCA across it’s history (1952-2022). Participating Artists include: Katherine Bradford, Sam Cady, Ann Craven, Lois Dodd, Inka Essenhigh, Linden Frederick, Alison Hildreth, Hilary Irons, Erin Johnson, Alex Katz, John Moore, Tessa Green O’Brien, Wade Kavanaugh & Stephen Nguyen, Probably Joel, Aaron T Stephan, tectonic industries, Joyce Tenneson, and Nicole Wittenberg.

The Exhibition, The View From Here runs from May 28 -September 11 at CMCA, 21 Winter St., Rockland, Maine.