Art Professor Emerita, Jan Piribeck, participates in Panel Discussing Water, Art, and Casco Bay

Water as Inspiration: Art and Casco Bay

Casco Bay is tied to our quality of life. It’s where we go for solace, support, and inspiration. For some, that inspiration is taken a step further and transformed into art. 

Friends of Casco Bay and three regional artists hold a panel discussion about water, the environment, and art on Wednesday, March 29, 5:30 PM via Zoom. At the event, each artist will talk about their work and what inspires them to create. They will also address the questions: what are the connections between creativity, the environment, and climate change? How can art convey powerful ideas when words fail us?  They will close with a Q&A for attendees to ask the panelists their own questions about art and Casco Bay.

Left to Right: Icelandic Painting of people at sea in small boats, photo of Glacier, and people standing on the beach looking out to sea.

Artist Panel – Water as Inspiration: Art and Casco Bay

Anna Dibble is a visual artist and writer. Her work is based in the wild, focused on the natural world and the ways that we as humans relate to it. In addition to her personal work, Anna is the founding director of Gulf of Maine EcoArts, a project to re-connect people with the natural world through art and science. Sea Change: Darkness & Light in the Gulf of Maine, an Ecoarts exhibit, is currently on view at the Maine Maritime Museum.

Mitchell Rasor is an artist, landscape architect, and Assistant Professor at the Maine College of Art. He is the 2023 Royal River Conservation Trust Artist-in-Residence, where he draws and documents the Trust’s conserved ecosystems. Mitchell’s work has been widely recognized for achievements in many areas, including environmental art, urban design, waterfront revitalization, and climate change resiliency.

Jan Piribeck is an artist and Emerita Professor of Art at the University of Southern Maine. She is currently working on Maine-Greenland Collaborations, an interdisciplinary project that integrates art with the social and natural sciences to explore changing ecological systems in coastal Maine and Greenland. Her work will be included in the exhibition Shifting Sands: Beaches, Bathers, and Modern Maine Art opening at the Ogunquit Museum of Art, Ogunquit, ME on April 29th, 2023.