Student Spotlight – Gary Fish

How long have you been at USM?
I started the Spring semester of 2018. I only took 1 class per semester because of
my full time job. I did take two courses in the fall semester of 2022, one was my Capstone.

What made you choose USM?
I knew the Muskie School was an excellent place to study Policy and especially environmental
policy. I am an eighth generation Mainer and love the state and love what Senator Muskie did for
our rivers and air.

What made you decide on your major?
Because it is something I was already doing at my job as State Horticulturist and I wanted to
improve my performance. I also hope it will help me attain a higher level policy position in state
government for my last 4 or 5 years.

Anything you would like to mention about your major or any classes or faculty
that you’ve enjoyed?

I have enjoyed all of my classes. Most have helped me tremendously in my work for the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Professor Kim has been a great resource and teacher as has Brenda Zollitch who I have worked with in the past in her consulting role. Professor McDonald was also a tremendous resource regarding policy.

What plans do you have after graduation?
As mentioned before, I hope to attain a higher level policy position in state
government. I am currently the State Horticulturist.