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Winter Session 2023-24 Course List

All Winter Session classes are offered online and run from December 18, 2023 to January 12, 2024. View a list of our Winter course offerings below.

Course Course TitleCourse NumberCreditsAvailabilityInstructor Name
Open Courses
BPH 339Topics in Public Health – Chronic Disease Prevent & Control470813Seats AvailableRandy H Schwartz
CMS 298Topics in Communication I – Belief and Communication470643Seats AvailableLeonard J Shedletsky
CRM 330Crime and Social Control470653Seats AvailableDusan I Bjelic
DAN 266The Art of Dance470663Seats AvailableMaria A Tzianabos
HIH 280Holistic Health I470883*2 Seats Left*Allison S Gray
HRD 200Multicultural Human Development470803*7 Seats Left*Julie A Zink
HTY 394Selected Topics in History – Early Jewish History470683Seats AvailableSeth Rogoff
LOS 120Statistics for Informed Decision Making470703Seats AvailableValarie Maguire
MUS 100Music Appreciation and History470713Seats AvailableDaniel M Sonenberg
MUS 110Fundamentals of Music470723Seats AvailableThomas M Parchman
PHI 212Environmental Ethics470733*2 Seats Left*Julien S Murphy
POS 104Introduction to International Relations470743*4 Seats Left*Steven Shirley
SCI 140Medical Terminology470943*1 Seat Left*Deborah Van Langen
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology470763*8 Seats Left*Abigail A Fuller
SPM 101Basic Life Support and First Aid470950.5*4 Seats Left*Anthony C Serpico
SPM 219Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness470913Seats AvailableNoel A Neptune
SPM 230Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport470923*4 Seats Left*Michael Robert Keller
THE 496External Experience470776*3 Seats Left*Sara M Valentine
***********Graduate Courses *******************************************************
MPH 539Topics in Public Health I Chronic Disease Prevention & Control470823Seats AvailableRandy H Schwartz
***********Full, Waitlist Available *************************************************
ANT 101Anthropology: The Cultural View470703Full – Wait List AvailableSarah Charlotte Lockridge
ART 124Cre8: The Art of Creativity470783Full – Wait List AvailableKimberly B Bentley
BUS 347Triple-Bottom-Line Business470843Full – Wait List AvailableRichard J Bilodeau
BUS 335International Business470833Full – Wait List AvailableTove Rasmussen
CMS 103Introduction to Media Studies470623Full – Wait List AvailableDavid P Pierson
ENG 102Academic Writing470673Full – Wait List AvailableLinda B Trombley
HIH 203Mind Body Stress Reduction470873Full – Wait List AvailableChris Michelle Barcelou-Raymond
ITP 210Technical Writing470893Full – Wait List AvailableCassandra A Dove
NUR 331Mental Health Nursing Clinical470852Full – Wait List AvailablePaul S Rouleau or Jamie L Cormier
REC 190Yoga and Nutrition470933Full – Wait List AvailableAmanda D Curtis Kezal
RHF 118Yoga486161.5Full – Wait List AvailableAmanda D Curtis Kezal
RHF 127Pilates470901.5Full – Wait List AvailableJennie Kathleen Foley
SBS 300Deviance and Social Control470753Full – Wait List AvailableChristy L Hammer

While we update this page multiple times a day (M-F), this course list may not have fully up-to-date course availability. Please search for classes using our dedicated Course Search tool to view live course enrollment information. Winter courses fill up fast.

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