ChrisAlice Undergraduate Scholarship


The ChrisAlice Endowed Scholarship was established in 2002 by James and Lillian Haversat, named in honor of Alice Haversat, mother of James Haversat, and Christina Kerr Kasfeldt, mother of Lillian Kerr Haversat. Both women served their communities and were role models for citizens aspiring to community service. This scholarship provides continuing support for students to engage in service with their local communities and is intended to foster awareness of local critical issues, cultivate community, and contribute to the retention of students.

Students are asked, if the scholarship is accepted, to get approval for their community engagement work from the Service-Learning and Volunteering Specialist -and- complete regular online/in-person modules about building community. 


Candidates Must: 

  • Demonstrate commitment to voluntary public service 
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate degree candidate at USM 
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher 
  • Have completed at least one semester of college

Recipient Expectations:

  • Engage in ongoing service for 25 hours per semester to the needs of one of USM’s community partners
  • Meet individually with the Service-Learning and Volunteering Specialist monthly
  • Attend community engagement training programs
  • Submit regular volunteer timesheet logs

Award Amount



Early Deadline: Every Fall Semester by November 1 / Standard Deadline: Every Spring Semester by February 1 pending availability

How to Apply

Please submit the form uploaded at the 'Application File' link and email the contact indicated on that form.

How to Renew

Renewal requires resubmitting an application to the scholarship coordinator.


Service-Learning and Volunteering Specialist
Career and Employment Hub
Disclaimer: Be sure to read the criteria for individual scholarships carefully. Most scholarships have enrollment and GPA requirements. Award amounts may vary each year and are subject to fund availability. As an NCAA Division III school, USM is prohibited from awarding scholarships based on athletic participation.