Yes, our website is a still a bit threadbare, but we wanted to thank you for opening this page despite your understandable misgivings. The Southworth Planetarium wants every part of your experience to be pleasant and positive (i.e. neither aggravating nor off-putting.) Since the first part of the experience involves arranging a show reservation, it would be lovely if we made this part easy and helpful.

So, while we promise to post a user-friendly on-line reservation form quite soon, for now we offer this quick guide about setting up your very own group show at the planetarium. (We’ll include pertinent facts, as well.) And, of course, when you call (207) 780-4249 or e-mail you may ask as many questions as you like.

We offer shows to school groups, birthday parties, and business organizations. We’ve even done weddings!

You may also email if you want a free brochure packet.

We first offer an available show list followed by a Q/A.

Setting Up A Group Show

  1. Help, how do I start?

Arranging a group show is quite easy. We offer one-hour time slots at any time or date of your choosing. (If you want to be unorthodox and request, let’s say, a 2:00 a.m. show on Saturday, we would kindly ask for a week’s advance notice.) So, you may choose any date and time you prefer. And, you may also choose a show.

Click here for a list of shows

  1. What’s Involved in a Presentation?

We offer any program that you want, provided it is not in the revamp process, and therefore not available. With each show is a live night sky tour. If the show is the main course, this tour is the salad bar buffet. (Yes, this is called stretching the analogy.) The projectionist/lecturer will guide you through the night sky. There’s a great deal above us to admire: from meteors to planets; lunar phases to satellites to the great galaxy arm traversing the heavens. We can adjust this part to emphasize the aspects in which you are most interested. We can focus on the Moon or planets or constellation mythology. Remember: if you reserve a group show, YOU are the client and our goal is to offer you the best presentation possible.

Let us know, also, if you would prefer a question and answer period. Sometimes, we admit, these might have to be brief if another group is scheduled after yours. However, we can include a Q/A at no extra cost.

  1. How Much Does it Cost?

Well, that is the important question. The group rates are as follows:

If your group has 12 students/children or fewer, we charge a flat $85.00 rate

If your group has 13 students/children or more, the charge is $7.00 per student/child. All adults are free.

Can my group have more than one show? Yes! If your group wants two shows, we give you a discount: the price for two shows would be $150.00 if you have twelve children/students or fewer; or $12 per child/student for groups of 13 or more.


  1. How Do I Pay?

We try to make this part easy, too, because we adore money.

You may pay with check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. (Yes, we don’t accept American Express.)

Also, we can issue a 30-Day invoice when you arrive. Yes, we trust you entirely.

  1. What is Your Seating Capacity?

We have 65 fixed seats, but we can expand our capacity to accommodate up to 80.

  1. How Long is the Presentation?

About one hour, including the night sky tour. If you need to lessen the duration, let us know and we can truncate or eliminate the night sky tour entirely.

  1. As beautiful as this webpage obviously is, what should I do if I have other questions?

Well, contact us by phone (207) 780-4249 or e-mail