Overview of Student Affairs Public Posting Policy 

citing: Use of Facilities and Grounds Policy

All flyers posted on public bulletin boards and inside the residence halls at the University of Southern Maine must be stamped by the appropriate office. Those offices are:

  • Student Engagement and Leadership – Abromson 216 – Portland
  • Student Engagement and Leadership – Brooks Student Center – Gorham
  • Student Success Center – Lewiston

Flyers that are not stamped or hung in approved posting locations will be removed. Postings on the public use bulletin boards on-campus are limited to the following number of postings per campus per event:

● 10 flyers for USM promotion

● 5 flyers for non-USM promotion (i.e. off-campus housing, external events, business promos)

The office stamping the flyer will retain one (1) copy of the flyer in their Events Binder. To post inside the residence halls, 38 additional flyers can be submitted to Student Engagement and Leadership in Gorham and the office will deliver them Residential Life for dispersal.

Postings are permitted for a maximum of two weeks. If an exception to the two week posting period is desired, please drop off the appropriate number of flyers and contact information (name, phone, and email) to the approving office. Exceptions may be granted to USM-related events or programming only. The contact person will be notified within two business days about the status of their request.

Flyers must:

● Be 11”x17” or smaller in size

● Be easily and immediately removable (attached with tacks, painters tape, or removable putty only)

● Not obstruct other flyers

● Clearly contain contact information (name and email or phone number) for the sponsor of the event. University Departments are exempt from this requirement if the department is clearly listed.

By stamping the flyers, the University registers the flyer, but does not necessarily approve or disapprove of the flyer’s content. Flyers and banners must not contain:

● References to the use, sale, or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other drugs

● Obscenity

● Anything in violation of USM policy or procedure or advertise or promote illegal activity

Posting flyers is prohibited on vehicles, the intercampus buses, on walls, in bathrooms, on windows, on doors, and on bulletin boards not for public use and all other places other than public bulletin boards without appropriate authorization. This policy does not apply to internal office spaces.

The Division of Student Affairs and the Student Success Center on the Lewiston Campus maintain the discretion to post information and advertisements of University-sponsored events and programs as they see fit. The University reserves the right to post Safety Notices, Timely Warnings, and Emergency Notifications anywhere necessary to reach the Campus Community.

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