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PPE Instructions For Athletes

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Instructions for Student-Athletes

Students interested in participating in collegiate athletics at USM must complete all Medical Eligibility requirements prior to attending the Pre-Participation Evaluation (PPE) clinics being held in August and September, 2014 at University Health & Counseling Services (UHCS).  Please be aware that there are many parts to this process with multiple forms to complete.  To make this process easier, please follow the steps listed below.

Medical Eligibility Requirements:

1. Click on Medical Eligibility Letter: Read prior to proceeding to #2

2. If you are under age 18 years as of August 15, 2014, click on Minor Consent Form.  Download, print, complete and sign.

3. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD and are on prescribed stimulant medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, etc, click on NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Reporting Form.  Download, print, and ask your prescribing provider to complete the form and attach supporting documents as indicated.

4. Click on Medical Release Forms. Download, print, complete (making sure to fillout both pages) and sign.

5. Click on the Injury and Illness Reporting Acknowledgement Form.  Read the two links that review concussions.  Download, print, complete and sign.

6. If you wish to have the sickle cell trait blood test performed during your PPE appointment, click on the Sickle Cell Trait Consent Form.  Read the two links that review sickle cell trait.  Download, print, complete and sign.

7. If you wish to decline the sickle cell trait blood test, click on the Sickle Cell Trait Waiver Form.  Read the two links that review sickle cell trait.  Download, print, complete and sign.

8. Click on Health Insurance Coverage and Assumption of Risk Form. Download, print, complete and sign.

9.  Click on the e-PPE logo below.  New or first year athletes follow the printed instructions to register.  Returning athletes simply log in as current user.  Complete the electronic pre-participation evaluation (e-PPE) medical history questionnaire which will take approximately 45 minutes (first year athletes).  This must be done prior to your PPE clinic appointment.  The completion deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Sport Participants - Friday, August 1, 2014
  • Winter and Spring Sport Participants - Friday, August 21, 2014

EPPE site

NOTE: This questionnaire is on a highly secure website.  All personal and medical information is encrypted in compliance with medical security laws.  Only sports medicine personnel including the athletic trainers, nurse practitioners and team physicians at USM will have access to the medical history information.

10. Be sure to bring ALL completed forms listed in steps #1-8 with you to your PPE clinic appointment at UHCS.

Congratulations!  If you have completed all of the steps as outlined above, you are ready to proceed to your scheduled pre-participation evaluation appointment.  Any questions regarding medical eligibility requirements should be directed to Matt Gerken, Head Athletic Trainer at  Thank you for your patience with this process and have a great sports season!