University Health and Counseling Services

Tobacco-Free Campus Committee Members

Below is a list of many of our current TFC Committee members along with their titles and a statement of why they serve on the committee. To get in touch with a committee member simply click on their name.


Malinda Scannell, Co-Chair of the Tobacco-Free Campus Committee

Nurse Practitioner, University Health and Counseling Center

I strongly believe in fostering and promoting a climate of wellness, that enhances one's health and general well being.  The hazards of tobacco use and second hand smoke are well documented.  A climate free of tobacco provides the safest environment for our community to learn, work and live.


Sarah Mayberry

Director, Maine Tobacco-Free College Network (USM Alum, 2006)

My job is to support colleges and universities in being healthier environments by creating tobacco-free campus policies, so I am excited to be supporting USM's effort by participating on their tobacco policy committee.


George Shaler

Research Associate at the Muskie School

As a public health professional and member of the USM community I believe strongly that the University and other places of higher education should promote a  healthy and safe environment in which to learn.  One such way to accomplish this charge is to provide a tobacco-free community.