FEATURED VIDEO: The doors are open at the new McGoldrick Center for Career & Student Success

Whether you are looking to study, snack, or socialize, the new center for campus life in Portland offers a wide range of amenities.
Approaching Payson Smith Hall with a reporter's notebook in hand.

Huskies making headlines

Media outlets are turning out new stories all the time about the extraordinary work of USM’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The coverage runs the gamut from local newspapers to national television and more. We’ve collected the stories into a single list for easy viewing.

Stack of books written by University faculty.

Scholarly publications

The books, academic papers, journal articles, and other publications generated by the USM community demonstrate a depth of expertise and creativity. Contributors include faculty, staff, students, and researchers, with additional material drawn from USM Libraries’ specialized collections. Visit the USM Digital Commons to view them or submit your own.

Official University Social Media Channels

Alexandra Dietrich with bright purple and pink hair, wearing a sparkly dark dress, on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Photo courtesy of Alexandra Dietrich.

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Dietrich

Monthly newsletter: Spotlight

Every month, we share stories about our undergraduate and graduate students who are extending their learning experience well beyond the classroom walls, and faculty and alumni who make themselves available as supportive community connections.

Writer makes an edit on a story about Move-In Weekend for the fall 2022 semester.

Writer’s guide to campus

Every college campus has its own language of abbreviations and acronyms. Some of the terminology regarding degrees and titles is common throughout higher education. But certain examples are unique to USM. From LAC to QC2, this guide helps you make sense of it all by setting a standard format for official campus communications.

A midday radio host for WMPG talks to his listeners between songs.

Looking for more news?

USM thrives on the open discussion of new and diverse ideas. Public Affairs is only one outlet among many. Explore some of the other voices that provide further insight into the academic, athletic, and cultural happenings on campus.

Office of Public Affairs

The journalistic ideals of truth, fairness, and accuracy are also the guiding principles of the Office of Public Affairs. Every story that we present is important to us. We welcome your ideas and feedback to make our coverage of the University of Southern Maine even better.