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Tobacco free campus talking tips for supervisors



If you notice an employee is having difficulty following the
tobacco policy here are strategies to address the issue:


  • Meet in a private place to discuss the problem.
  • Listen and let the employee tell his/her side of story.
  • Be respectful. This change can be difficult for tobacco users.
  • Clearly state that tobacco use on all university property is prohibited.
  • Help develop a plan that takes the university policy into account.

If the person is having difficulty with going through their workday without using tobacco, please tell the employee about available resources mentioned below:

   - Maine Tobacco Helpline  (1-800-207-1230) offers free & confidential phone support.

  - APS Healthcare /RiseUP health coaching (1-855-274-7387) free 1-on-1 coaching for health plan members.

  - Cigna Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Program (1-877-622-4327) up to six free counseling sessions.

  - Cigna Health Plan ,Cigna 24/7 (1800-244-6224) offers smoking cessation (products) benefit.

  • Offer your support. Again, make sure your employee is aware of resources that are available to assist in postponing tobacco use while on campus, or to quit tobacco use altogether.
  • Summarize the meeting and expectations moving forward.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting to determine if the agreed-upon plan is working.  If it isn't, discuss alternative strategies


If you, as a supervisor, are having difficulty with this process, please don’t hesitate to contact

USM Human Resources Department at 780-5115.


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