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Tobacco-Free FAQ's


Why is USM a tobacco-free campus?
USM has a responsibility to its students, faculty and staff to provide a safe and healthy environment. Research shows that tobacco use in general, in addition to the effects of secondhand smoke, constitutes a significant health hazard. Tobacco-free policies create a healthier and safer environment for all USM Community Members and visitors.
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To whom and to what, does the tobacco-free policy apply?

The policy applies to anyone who is on the University of Southern Maine campus grounds, i.e., faculty and staff members, students, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and visitors.

The use of any and all tobacco products (including e-cigarettes, snus, and other tobacco related products not approved by FDA) are prohibited throughout the USM campuses in Gorham, Portland, and Lewiston/ Auburn, including university buildings, parking areas, athletic fields and arenas. This policy also prohibits tobacco use in university vehicles as well as personal, private, leased, or borrowed vehicles not owned by the university, when on the USM campus grounds.
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What resources are available to help those who would like to quit using tobacco products?

The following tobacco cessation resources and programs are available for students, faculty and staff members:

For information about tobacco cessation and services, contact:

Students: University Health and Counseling Services at 207-780-5411

The Well-Wellness Resource Center at 207-780-5158

 Employees: Employee Wellness Program at 207-228-8151

University Benefits Center 1-866-269-9635.
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Who can I contact for more information about the Tobacco Free Policy?

For more information about the Tobacco Free Campus Policy, contact:

For Students: Office of Community Standards at 207-780-5242

For Employees: Office of Human Resources at 207-780-5115
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What about the rights of tobacco users?

The Tobacco-free policy is not about making tobacco users quit their habit. It is about maintaining a healthy environment and eliminating everyone’s exposure to tobacco and secondhand smoke. Those who choose to use tobacco need to refrain from use while on university grounds.
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How is the policy being enforced?

The policy became effective January 1, 2013. As with all university policies, voluntary compliance with the tobacco free policy is an expectation for all employees, faculty, students and visitors. Initial enforcement involves education, awareness, and referrals for those seeking smoking/tobacco cessation supports. Beginning on September 1, 2013 those who violate the Tobacco policy will incur progressive disciplinary procedures.

Please contact your Supervisor, Human Resources (employees), or Office of Community Standards (students), for information regarding any enforcement concerns.
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What if I see someone using tobacco on university grounds?

Faculty, staff and students who see individuals smoking on university grounds may respectfully inform these individuals of the university policy prohibiting tobacco use anywhere on USM grounds. The Tobacco Policy Committee will provide constant reminders that USM is a Tobacco-free campus through signage, publications, and multi-media messages.
-Concerns about policy adherence can be addressed to:
Suzanne Roy, Chair of the Tobacco Policy Committee,
Malinda Scannell, Co-Chair,
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How should managers/supervisors talk to their employees and students workers about the policy?

Managers/supervisors are expected to remind staff and students of the tobacco-free policy and to seek their cooperation with compliance. Supervisors are encouraged to refer employees and students to smoking cessation resources (located at ) when appropriate.

Managers of employees should consult with Human Resources, prior to taking any disciplinary action. Supervisors of students should contact the office of Community Standards prior to taking disciplinary action.

In addition, a “Supervisor Talking Tips” sheet and other information about the Tobacco Policy is available on the Tobacco-free website:
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Is there any change to existing break policies to allow smokers to go off campus to smoke?

No. Non-exempt employees will continue to get the same breaks and meal periods currently in effect.
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