Program Type
Undergraduate Major
Bachelor of Art (BA)
Modes of Study
Blended;In Person

Tuition & fees

Costs include tuition, fees, & other costs such as books. See cost details

Financial aid

On average, 92% of enrolled students who file a FAFSA receive an offer. 91% of offers include scholarships, grants, waiver, and/or work-study. Explore aid

Program duration

Typical completion time: 4 years. Flexible options may save time. Explore options


SAT & ACT scores optional. Early action & year-round admissions. View application process & deadlines

Program highlights

  • Gain hands-on experience through internships that combine academic work with involvement in community agencies and organizations.
  • Learn to conduct, read, interpret, and critique quantitative and qualitative criminological research.
  • Explore the dynamics of racism, sexism, and class inequality and how they impact everyday forms of criminalization.
  • Qualify for a wide range of careers in the criminal justice system, the legal field, policy and research institutions, and social and human services.
  • Join our distinguished Criminology alumni, many of whom have earned awards in local government and the military.
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Field placement internships

You’ll gain invaluable work experience and insight into professional roles in a variety of community agencies and organizations, including police departments, probation offices, law offices, prisons, and family violence centers.

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Exceptional career opportunities

You’ll be prepared for a wide variety of career options and have an excellent foundation for graduate study in criminology, other social sciences, and law. Many of our Criminology students receive job offers before they even graduate.

Program requirements

The program’s rigorous core curriculum is designed to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of crime and crime control from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The electives you choose will help broaden your criminological interests.

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Award-winning faculty

Our expert Criminology faculty are well known for their published research on gender, multiculturalism, environmentalism, criminological theory, comparative criminology, policing, and surveillance.

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Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships offer valuable financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid. You’ll be automatically considered for Merit Scholarships when you apply for admission by the deadline. Additional opportunities are available.

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Looking ahead to Law school?

Our Accelerated Graduate Pathway to the University of Maine School of Law can save you time and money in earning your JD.

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Do you live in New England?

You may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate, as part of the NEBHE Tuition Break Program.

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