Mission and Outcomes for Academic Advising at USM

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Academic Advising at the University of Southern Maine is a collaborative, equitable, and mutually respectful partnership between both Professional Advisors and Faculty Advisors and our students. The advising experience equips students with the skills and confidence necessary to identify and achieve their academic and future goals, take responsibility for their academic success, and practice intellectual curiosity. 


  1. Students and advisors will participate in a collaborative advising partnership involving open communication, trust, and mutual respect. 
  2. Students and advisors will build relationships by respecting diversity and practicing equity, open-mindedness, and curiosity.
  3. Students and advisors will demonstrate knowledge of and will abide by the requirements for the major, minor, Core Curriculum, and graduation. 
  4. Students and advisors will collaborate to identify the student’s academic and post-graduation goals and to make effective decisions concerning those goals, including: 
    • developing an appropriate academic plan;  
    • selecting courses and other learning experiences consistent with the academic plan; and 
    • responsibly monitoring the student’s academic progress toward their goals.
  5. Students and advisors will know about and use university and other resources that support students’ achievement of their academic, personal, and post-graduation goals.

This document will help you understand your advising roles and responsibilities, along with those of your Professional and Faculty advisors.