The primary role of the Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion is to educate the university and community in how to deepen compassion. The Center supports practices, training, research, and intellectual discourse that explores the value of compassion. It seeks to promote creativity and innovation by enriching activities, research, and curricula across all disciplines of the university.

Another key directive for the Center is to deepen shared connections with the community by inviting dialogue with wisdom traditions that are already extant in Maine. The Center is a forum where the University and groups from, but not restricted to, artistic, philosophical, cultural, political, and business domains come together to investigate the conjunction of contemplative practice, creativity, innovation, and social justice.

The Center sponsors public events, retreats, workshops, and conferences and it disseminates materials that are generated (conference proceedings, research, music etc.) through appropriate format and media. The Center engages with other organizations on projects consistent with the Center’s mission.