Join us for a public talk with Dr. Qiana Lachaud and Dr. Larissa Malone! 

Wednesday, February 8th  |  4:00 – 6:00 p.m. ET |  Zoom  |  Free and open to the public

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This public talk closely explores the dynamics of race and faith by honing in on the present-day complex relationship between critical race theory (CRT) and communities of faith.

Drawing on their personal and professional experiences of reconciling the tensions between race and faith within their own minds, bodies, and spirits, Dr. Larissa Malone and Dr. Qiana Lachaud explore how the central tenets of CRT complement and support various core interfaith principles. In doing so, CRT myths are dispelled and its existent religio-spiritual values are highlighted.

The presenters aim to bridge knowledge gaps between race and faith through exploring the emerging theory, FaithCrit, as a method of promoting reconciliation and healing.

About the Speakers

Headshot photo of Dr. Larissa Malone.

Larissa Malone, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at University of Southern Maine. Her research centers on the minoritized experience in schooling, inclusive of students, parents, and teachers. Her research interests include the intersection of race with other disciplines, such as race and faith, race and geography, race and identity development, and race and parenting.

Qiana Lachaud, Ph.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University. Her research explores epistemological racial justice in educational spaces utilizing critical qualitative inquiry. She examines the interrelated connections between faith, critical race consciousness, and pedagogy.