Here at CTEL, we provide faculty support for your…

Program Level

  • Department-level trainings tailored to meet specific department needs
  • Consultation with departments throughout program design to ensure that best-practices are embedded within the program
  • Grant assistance to support program development

Course Level

  • Building new courses using evidence-based best practices
  • Review and redesign of existing courses
  • Development of course activities, assignments, and screencasting
  • Online teaching and learning faculty orientation
  • Training in UMS-supported classroom technologies
  • Course design and technology purchasing grants
  • Mid-term assessments for continuous improvement and course correction

Professional Development

  • Part-time faculty orientation in the fall
  • Webinars and workshops in collaboration with University College
  • Quickstart to course development, including best-practices syllabus design
  • Grants toward online certifications, including Online Learning Consortium and others

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