Counselor Education

Liability Insurance

Students are required to obtain professional liability insurance when enrolled in the following courses:

  • HCE 621 Fundamentals of Counseling Skills (not mandatory)
  • HCE 622 Counseling Children and Adolescents
  • HCE 627 Group Counseling
  • HCE 690/691 Individual Counseling Practicum Seminar/Laboratory
  • HCE 686 Internship in Counselor Education

A copy of the insurance binder should be forwarded to Kerry Bertalan at the address below by the first class meeting, if possible.

Suggested Sources for Liability Insurance

  • American Counseling Association Student Liability
    The American Counseling Association Insurance Trust, Inc. has partnered with Healthcare Provider Service Organization (HPSO) to provide a comprehensive professional liability insurance program.  ACA Student Membership now includes liability insurance to ACA student members enrolled and engaged in a master’s degree in counseling.
  • American School Counselor Association Liability Insurance
    The ASCA insurance program, National Professional Group, is backed by Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s affordable coverage for school counselors is exactly the protection you need.  ASCA student membership includes liability insurance.

  • National Rehabilitation Association
    The National Rehabilitation Association has partnered with Healthcare Provider Service Organization (HPSO).
  • American Professional Agency Inc.
    Call 1-800-421-6694 or 1-631-691-6400

  • CPH & Associates
    • Student rate: $25/year
      They are endorsed by the American Mental health Counselors Association. They dot not require association membership to be eligible for the coverage.
    • The costs quoted for each policy consist of $1 million per incident and $3 million aggregate. You may choose a lesser amount which may reduce your costs. If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact your advisor.

Please forward your insurance binder to:

Counselor Education Program
8 Bailey Hall, University of Southern Maine
Gorham, ME 04038
FAX: (207) 780-5315