The Office of Institutional Research serves the University of Southern Maine by providing information that supports institutional decision-making, policy formation, strategic planning, program evaluation, and quality enhancement. 

Our Goals:

  • Provide consistent, reliable information for internal policy planning and external reporting
  • Provide leadership and educates the campus in the systematic use of institutional information
  • Maintain objectivity in the analysis of institutional information
  • Facilitate a university culture that values evidence-based decision-making
  • Employ standardized data definitions and processes, innovative technologies, and best-practices to develop and maintain official institutional information
  • Build collaborative relationships with institutional offices and departments to systematize and maintain processes that insure data integrity

Our Responsibilities:

  • Collect, integrate and transform data into official institutional information following established guidelines and best practices to insure data consistency, reliability and validity 
  • Develop and maintain a systematic cycle of information reporting and provides the campus and the public access to information online
  • Serve as the point of contact for federal, state, and regional agencies on matters related to institutional accountability and accreditation
  • Work with the data stewards to identify University information needs and develop processes to maintain the integrity of institutional data
  • Facilitate data-gathering activities for strategic planning, departmental self-study, program evaluation, funding requests, market analyses, policy impact studies and special research projects
  • Educate the University in the constructive use of institutional information and the methodologies and techniques of institutional research and reporting
  • Participate in  institutional governance, is knowledgeable about the University’s culture and anticipates its information needs
  • Monitors data for evidence of changes in trends and suggests strategies for improvement
  • Participates in professional activities that advance the knowledge and practice of higher education