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We have recently moved our retention reports to an interactive Power BI format. We currently have two public reports which contain all the data of previous reports, plus more.

Undergraduate Retention/Graduation Reports – IPEDS (Blue Report)

These are Fall ONLY Cohorts based on Fall to Spring retention and 150% of normal time to complete as snapped on September 30th of each year They are reported to IPEDS at least once in the most recent survey submission.
  • Overall (page 1 of 11
  • College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (page 2 of 11
  • College of Management and Human Services (page 3 of 11)
  • College of Science, Technology, and Health (page 4 of 11)
  • College of Academic Affairs (page 5 of 11) 
  • By School (Page 6 of 11)
  • By Plan (Page 7 of 11)
  • Term 2 Chart (page 8 of 11) 
  • Year 2 Chart (9 of 11)
  • By Plan/Subplan (10 of 11)
  • Footnotes (11 of 11)

Retention and Time to Degree Report (Yellow Report)

The Fall and Spring Cohorts used on this report are based on the Completion Term of a student in MaineStreet.

If you are unsure of which report to use please contact the Department of Analysis, Applications, and Institutional Research.

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Cohort Retention (First Year & Transfer) Power BI Report