Franco-American Collection


At the Franco-American Collection, we have materials that date from the late 19th century to the present day, and represent diverse aspects of Franco-American history and culture. Bring your class to engage with our primary source materials and learn more about the Franco-American experience in Maine!

We have objects of interest to multiple academic disciplines: history, education, social work, criminology, law, sociology, marketing and more. Examples include the Albert Beliveau Collection, the professional papers of Justice Beliveau, the first Franco-American Justice of the Maine Supreme Court, memorabilia from Lewiston-Auburn snowshoeing clubs, and Lewiston and Auburn City Directories featuring advertisements from the early 20th century. We also have a large collection of oral histories from Franco-Americans, discussing objects as varied as skating, local businesses, and military experience.

Please contact us for more information about setting up a class for your students.



Previous Class Experiences


ENG 100: College Writing

In Fall 2020, the Collection worked with USM Libraries to create a “Digital Field Trip” on the Vamonde app. The field trip consists of four plug and play modules designed to teach students information literacy and archival literacy, and get them ready to engage with the ENG 100 unit assignments.

Professors can assign these modules to students to complete in class, or outside of class time. Professors can choose how much or little they refer to the modules in class. The modules have been designed around each unit on the ENG 100 syllabus.

Check out the ENG 100 class units here: 



SBS 304: Food and Culture

Students looked at sample cookbooks to see different types of adaptation in Franco-American foodways.


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