PPPE Instructions For USM Student-Athletes

Please carefully read the following instructions on how to complete the “Health Record” and pre-participation exam requirements for athletic participation.

Each of the three (3) steps below must be completed to fulfill the medical eligibility requirements for participation in intercollegiate athletics at University of Southern Maine.


Step 1: Review the Medical Eligibility Requirements


Step 2: Submit Immunizations to UHCS via Point N Click (NOT in the Health Record)

A. Immunization Compliance – University Health Services
B. Point N Click Instructions
C. Point N Click Portal

Step 3: Complete required forms in USM Patient Portal/Health Record

DEADLINE: Health Record MUST be completed by July 31, 2024

This deadline is required so that the Athletic Healthcare Services staff can review all materials prior to the PPPE clinic dates listed below. Failure to comply with the deadline could delay clearance and intercollegiate athletics participation.

A. Gather the following information together prior to completing the “Athlete Pre-participation” forms in your health record.
  1. Your MaineStreet ID # (Seven digits beginning with a one or zero)
  2. Your @maine.edu email account
  3. Your Immunization Records
  4. Your Health Insurance Enrollment Card (both sides must be uploaded)
  5. Sickle Cell Test Results, if you have a prior test (FIRST YEAR/TRANSFERS ONLY)
B. Log in to the Health Record – Instructions for Accessing USM Health Record
C. Complete the REQUIRED forms listed under “Forms” –> “Participation Sports Physical Forms”
  1. Athletics Health History (New/Transfer Athletes) OR Health History Update (returning athletes only)
  2. Assumption of Risk for Athletic Participation
  3. Emergency Information
  4. Injury/Illness & Concussion Reporting Form
  5. Insurance Acknowledgement
  6. NCAA Consent Form
  7. Primary Health Insurance – You are required to have adequate health insurance coverage that includes coverage for injury/illness incurred while participating in intercollegiate athletics in the state of Maine. Insurance must allow you to seek care local to USM as well as provide emergency coverage when you are traveling with your team.
  8. Release of Information
  9. Sickle Cell Trait Consent/Waiver – All first-year/first-time participants as a student-athlete at USM must show proof of sickle cell testing and provide their results OR have the testing conducted at UHCS. Test results can be uploaded under “UPLOADS” once in the Health Record. See schedule at the end of instructions for options to have testing done at USM.
D. Complete the additional forms under “Forms” –> “Preparticipation Sport Physical Forms” IF they apply to you:
  1. Parental Consent for Minors – Only complete if you are under the age of 18.
  2. AHS Release of INformation – If you have a recent or current injury or illness, please complete this form and send it to your treating physician so they can provide us with records for continued care.
  3. Medical Exemption Form – Use if you are taking or want to request permission to take medications banned by the NCAA. If you use an inhaler or are on medication for ADD/ADHD, you should have your prescribing physician complete this form and return it to us with all supporting documentation.
E. In Health Record, go to “Insurance” (Must be completed each year)
  1. Complete all required fields
  2. Upload copies of the front AND back of your insurance card.
F. Go to the Uploads
  1. Sickle Cell
  2. Parental Consent for Minors (if under 18)
  3. Other Pertinent Health Information/Records

Step 4: Complete required Sport Physical at University of Southern Maine

The pre-participation physical evaluation is required for all student athletes prior to participating in team activities.

  1. All First year/transfer participants as a student-athlete at USM must have an “initial” comprehensive pre-participation physical evaluation (PPPE) completed at University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). Your primary health insurance will be billed for this PPE. Be aware, if you choose to also have a physical with your own PCP, your health insurance may not cover both physicals within the same calendar year. This could result in paying out of pocket for one of them.
  2. All “returning” student-athletes (any student-athlete who has had a previous “initial” PPPE at UHCS) must have a medical history update and blood pressure screening at UHCS prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics each year. Your primary insurance will be billed for a medical history review of bodily systems and a blood pressure check, NOT an annual physical.
  3. Attend your student-athlete pre-participation physical at UHCS at 156 Upton Hall on the Gorham Campus.

Please plan for up to two hours to complete the PPPE process.

Please contact usmathletichealthcare@maine.edu if you have a conflict with your scheduled PPPE time (see below)

Please arrive at your scheduled check-in time for your PPPE appointment listed below and dress in shorts and a tee shirt with appropriate outer clothing for comfort.

Sickle Cell Testing Clinics 2024

New athletes can choose to have their sickle cell testing done ahead of time and submit to the Health Record (See Step 3 C-9 for details) For those who choose not to obtain their sickle cell testing before coming to campus, sickle cell screening clinics will be held at – Health Services, Gorham Campus, 156 Upton Hall – based on the day of your physical.

Physical DateSickle Cell Clinic DateTimesWalk-in or Appointment
August 16August 151:00PM – 4:30PMWalk-in
August 19August 181:00PM – 4:30PMWalk-in
September 6September 3-September 48:30AM-2:45PMBy Appointment ONLY – Call 207-780-5411
September 13September 9-September 118:30AM-2:45PMBy Appointment ONLY – Call 207-780-5411
New USM Athletes ONLY

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Schedule 2024

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your team’s scheduled check-in time. Teams that arrive earlier than 15 minutes will not be allowed to check-in until their scheduled time. Please dress in loose clothing such as shorts and a tee shirt with appropriate outer clothing for comfort. You must bring your health insurance card with you to your scheduled appointment.

Field HockeyFriday August 168:00AM
W VolleyballFriday August 169:15AM
W SoccerFriday August 1610:00AM
M & W GolfFriday August 1611:45AM
M. SoccerFriday August 1612:45AM
Sickle Cell testing for these athletes will be Thursday, August 15 from 1PM to 4:30PM at Health Services – Walk in
M Cross CountryMonday August 198:00AM
W Cross CountryMonday August 198:30AM
W TennisMonday August 199:00AM
Sickle Cell testing for these athletes will be Sunday, August 18 from 1PM to 4:30PM at Health Services – Walk In
BaseballFriday September 68:00AM
SoftballFriday September 69:30AM
W LacrosseFriday September 610:15AM
M LacrosseFriday September 611:00AM
M TennisFriday September 612:15PM
Wrestling (Last Name A-L)Friday September 612:45PM
Wresting (Last Name M-Z)Friday September 61:45PM
Sickle Cell testing for these athletes will be by appointment only Tuesday September 3 through Wednesday September 4 8:30AM to 2:45PM at Health Services
M Ice HockeyFriday September 138:00AM
W Ice HockeyFriday September 139:15AM
W Track & FieldFriday September 1310:15AM
M Track & FieldFriday September 1311:30AM
W BasketballFriday September 131:15PM
M BasketballFriday September 132:15PM
Sickle Cell testing for these athletes will be by appointment only Monday September 9 and Wednesday September 11 8:30AM to 2:45PM at Health Services

Any questions regarding the Pre-Participation process can be directed to Kelleigh O’Neill, Head Athletic Trainer via email at usmathletichealthcare@maine.edu or UHCS at usmhealthservices@maine.edu