The Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation, or PPE, is required for all student-athletes prior to beginning practice. No exceptions will be made. Please read through all of the information found here before following the steps from each section. Missed steps or procedures could disqualify you from participating in collegiate athletics at the University of Southern Maine.

PPE Instructions for Prospective Student-Athletes

  • All first year/first-time participants as a student-athlete must have an “initial” comprehensive pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) completed at University Health Services (UHS). Your primary health insurance will be billed for this PPE – DO NOT have a physical by your own PCP as your health insurance more than likely will not pay for a second one in the same calendar year. New athletes must complete IMPACT concussion baseline test online.
    • Use the link here for IMPACT Testing
    • The passcode to access is: 0cc2cd31bb
    • This process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please find a quiet area without distractions to work on IMPACT. It is best taken using an external mouse.
  • All “returning” student-athletes (any student-athlete who has had a previous “initial” PPE) must have a medical history update and blood pressure screening at UHS prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics each year.  Your primary insurance will be billed for a medical history review of bodily systems and a blood pressure check, not an “annual physical”.
  • Complete the Privit Profile by clicking on the Privit icon below, prior to the PPE at UHS. Do this before your deadline for your sport.
  • You must have adequate health insurance coverage that includes coverage for injuries/illness incurred while participating in intercollegiate athletics. Your insurance policy must cover you for more than emergency services while participating in sports while at USM. Upload photo images of both sides of your health insurance card under “Manage Documents” in Privit Profile in Step #2 below. (The simplest way is to take phone images of both sides of your insurance card on your smart phone, log-in to Privit Profile from your web browser of your phone and upload each image into “Manage Documents”).

Gather the following information together prior to completing your Privit Profile:

  1. Your immunization records
  2. Your Health Insurance Enrollment Card (both sides must be uploaded)
  3. Your MaineStreet ID# (seven digits beginning with one or zero)
  4. Your email address

Medical Eligibility Requirements

Please read through each of the three (3) required steps below to fulfill medical eligibility requirements for participation in intercollegiate athletics at USM. After reading through, complete each step. Skipping steps will disqualify you from participating.

  1. Click the Medical Eligibility Requirements 2022 – and read carefully.
  2. Complete the Privit Profile. This includes personal information, a thorough medical history questionnaire, and numerous forms that must be completed and electronically signed on the site. Additionally both sides of your primary health insurance card must be uploaded under “Manage Documents” on your home page of the Privit Profile. Your Privit Profile must be 100% completed prior to your PPE at UHS and prior to your active intercollegiate athletic participation.
  3. Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) at UHS

Deadline for completing step 2:

  • July 29, 2022 for fall sport participation
  • August 4, 2022 for winter and spring sport participation

TIP: Many first time users of Privit sit down with their parents(s) or Guardian(s) to complete their profiles. After all, they generally have access to your immunization information, insurance, and health history.

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Schedule 2022

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your team’s scheduled check-in time. Teams that arrive earlier than 15 minutes will not be allowed to check-in until their scheduled time. Please dress in loose clothing such as shorts and a tee shirt with appropriate outer clothing for comfort. You must bring your health insurance card with you to your scheduled appointment.

Field HockeyThursday, August 188:00 AM
W. SoccerThursday, August 189:00 AM
W. VolleyballThursday, August 189:45 AM
M. SoccerThursday, August 1810:15 AM
GolfThursday, August 1811:30 AM
M. Cross CountryMonday, August 228:00 AM
W. TennisMonday, August 228:30 AM
W. Cross CountryMonday, August 229:00 AM
BaseballFriday, September 28:00 AM
SoftballFriday, September 29:00 AM
W. LacrosseFriday, September 29:45 AM
M. LacrosseFriday, September 210:30 AM
M. TennisFriday, September 211:15 AM
M. Ice HockeyFriday, September 98:00 AM
W. Ice HockeyFriday, September 99:00 AM
W. Track and FieldFriday, September 99:45 AM
M. Track and FieldFriday, September 910:30 AM
WrestlingFriday, September 911:15 AM
W. BasketballFriday, September 912:15 AM
M. BasketballFriday, September 912:45 AM

Be aware that the check-in process will go smoothly and efficiently if all of your required documents have been completed in advance of your PPE date on Privit. You will need to bring your insurance card to your PPE. If all documentation is not completed in advance of the PPE date, you will have to contact University Health Services at a later date to reschedule for an individual PPE appointment. This process will most certainly delay your participation clearance status for your chosen sport.

Any questions regarding the Pre-Participation process can be directed to Kelleigh O’Neill via email at

Only if you have read through all of the information above and are now ready to create and enter information into your Privit profile, please click the button below. You must register using your email address. No other email account may be used.