Your first stop to look for University information is now MyUSM.

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Things to keep in mind

  • MyUSM is a portal site: You’ll still find quick links to University of Maine System (UMS) single sign-on sites, as well as links to our public website. 
  • Who can access MyUSM?
    MyUSM is for University of Southern Maine (USM) current students, faculty, and staff:
    • Current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the current or upcoming semester
    • New students who have confirmed their enrollment
    • Current faculty
    • Current staff
      Note: The students, faculty, and staff of other University of Maine System (UMS) Institutions cannot access MyUSM unless they are registered for, or teaching courses at, USM.
  • Have questions? Visit the MyUSM Management page (login required).

Congratulations and welcome to the University of Southern Maine (USM)! Now that you’re part of the Husky pack, you have access to key resources to support your academic success; internship, professional development and career planning resources; as well as student services and campus involvement opportunities.

You should sign in to MyUSM — using your credentials — to access University information, tools, and resources.

It may be helpful to take a video tour of MyUSM.

Visit MyUSM  |  Get help logging in

We’ve moved a few things! Access to University information is now streamlined through MyUSM, our secure, single sign-on portal.

MyUSM is your place to find University information and resources, such as:

  • Academic support and advising
  • Athletics
  • Campus Involvement Opportunities
  • Campus Safety
  • Health and Wellness support
  • Research resources
  • Student Services
  • Technology and Resources

You may find it helpful to take a video tour of the new MyUSM content.

What this changes:

  • You should sign in to MyUSM, using your credentials, to access University information, tools, and resources.

What hasn’t changed:

  • Access to information on Brightspace and MaineStreet remains the same.
  • Our commitment to being student-focused every day remains. Offering the information and resources for our students in one secure location makes it even easier to provide you with support and services.

During the Spring ’21 semester, many departments and academic programs worked to transition their internal-facing content off of our public website and onto the MyUSM campus portal. The internal web content on  MyUSM is now live.

MyUSM is now your place to find University information and resources, such as:

  • Administrative and HR Resources
  • Campus Safety
  • Faculty Course List
  • Involvement Opportunities
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Research resources
  • Student support resources
  • Technology and resources

You should sign in to MyUSM, using your credentials, to access University information, tools, and resources.

Getting started

UMS user account management

Your University of Maine System (UMS) user account is used to access services such as the MyUSM Portal, MaineStreet, Brightspace, and email.

To activate your account or recover a lost password visit UMS User Account Management.

Need assistance? Contact the Help Desk.