Dr. Paul Johnson Co-Authors New Book

Dr. Paul Johnson, Professor at the University of Southern Maine School of Social Work has co-authored a new book titled “Collective Trauma and Human Suffering: Energizing Systemic Change through Collective Healing Action”, published by Cognella. 

The summary of the book is available below, and it is available on the Cognella website.


Collective Trauma and Human Suffering: Energizing Systemic Change through Collective Healing Action provides readers with a compassionate and research-based framework for collective healing in an increasingly fragmented world.

The text recognizes how the traumatic uprising of colonization and industrialized civilizations has subverted our foundational, social, and cultural knowledge of being human in favor of political, military, and materialistic needs for control and supremacy. The book outlines an original collective healing model that demonstrates how bringing intercultural communities together can integrate deep-seated trauma through collective resilience, healing action, and hope.

Wisdom and knowledge of earlier world cultures has sustained the survival of human experience. This writing uncovers the ways in which systemic racism, natural disasters, mass trauma, agricultural development, slavery, control of resources, military power, and the evolution from village to the global has created fragmentation within our modern culture. Today, over half of the world’s children do not have access to a healthy development.

Readers will learn how the reclamation of interconnectedness, cultures, languages, and rituals can restore our systems prioritizing heart, humanity, and nature, thus infusing greater levels of human acceptance, compassion, communication, and love into the systems raising the future, our children.