UMaine AI Series Presentation

When: March 7, 2024 from 12:00 p.m. (EDT) – 1:00 p.m. (EDT)

Moderator: Julia Upton, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Husson University; IEEE Maine Joint Communications/Computer Societies Chapter Chair

Speaker: Behrooz Mansouri, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern Maine

Abstract: This talk introduces math information retrieval, discussing the challenges, existing systems, and open problems in this domain. Math information retrieval (MIR) presents unique challenges due to the structured nature of mathematical language and symbols. Despite recent advancements like digital libraries and specialized search engines, the field of MIR still deals with ambiguities and accurately addresses users’ information needs. This presentation emphasizes ongoing efforts to develop test collections and search systems and conduct user studies for MIR.

Speaker Bio: Behrooz Mansouri directs the Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval (AIIR) lab at USM’s Dubyak Center. He earned his PhD in computer science in 2022 with his Improved Math Information Retrieval dissertation. As a PhD student at Rochester Institute of Technology, he has introduced math search models, such as Tangent-CFT and MathAMR. He also co-organized the ARQMath lab at CLEF 2020-2022. His current research is mainly focused on conversational math search systems. His other research topics include cloud detection in satellite images, chemistry question-answering, and legal keyword extraction.

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