Jacqueline Edmondson takes the podium to introduce herself as USM's next president.

USM in the news

Cutting edge research, major construction projects, breathtaking art exhibitions. There is so much going on at USM that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Public Affairs does the job for you. These are the stories that bind together the campuses of Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston-Auburn into one USM community.

A pair of friends pause during ice breaker activities during fall 2022 opening weekend orientation.

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Before Public Affairs can report about the next big event or project on campus, we need to know about it. This is the place to submit your story ideas and questions. We also welcome requests from outside media outlets to help them share news about USM with the widest possible audience.

Public Affairs inspects a Nikon camera ahead of a photo shoot.

Get to know Public Affairs

The journalistic ideals of truth, fairness, and accuracy are also the guiding principles in our coverage of USM. Every story is important. In explaining how our process works, we hope to reaffirm the trust that the campus community has given to us.

Writer at work on a story about Move-In Weekend for the 2022 fall semester.

Writer’s guide to campus

Every college campus has its own language of abbreviations and acronyms. Some of the terminology regarding degrees and titles is common throughout higher education. But certain examples are unique to USM. From LAC to QC2, this guide helps you make sense of it all by setting a standard format for official campus communications.

A midday radio host on WMPG talks to listeners between songs.

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USM thrives on the open discussion of new and diverse ideas. Public Affairs is only one outlet among many. Explore some of the other voices that provide further insight into the academic, athletic, and cultural happenings on campus.