Penalties/Tickets (Citations)/Fines/Hearings:  

If your vehicle is parked in an unlawful parking spot or fashion, you, the owner/driver of the vehicle, are responsible regardless of who parked said vehicle. 

A violation of the Parking, Transportation, and Pedestrian Rules and Regulations may result in any number of consequences, including but not limited to, the receiving of a parking ticket requiring payment of a fine, towing of a vehicle and responsibility of the owner/driver for payment of related storage fees, student conduct proceedings, or suspension of campus parking privileges.

Student conduct proceedings: Students will be reported to Community Standards. This could result in forfeiture of parking permit for 30 days and the vehicle will not be permitted on, if said vehicle is found on campus during 30 day suspension of permit, the vehicle will be towed on sight. 

The following violations range from $25 to $250+ in fines. Including but not limited to:

  1. Unauthorized overnight parking
  2. Parking without authorized permit 
  3. Obstructing traffic
  4. Parking in a loading zone 
  5. Parking in a service vehicle zone 
  6. Parking in the wrong coded lot/spot and/or parking on roadway 
  7. Unauthorized Disability parking
  8. Blocking a fire hydrant, fire lane, or emergency parking space
  9. Driving or parking on sidewalks
  10. Impeding Snow Removal
  11. Payment to Park
  12. Expired Receipt
  13. No Permit
  14. Expired Permit
  15. Reserved Stall
  16. Parked in Monthly
  17. Wrong License Plate Number
  18. Handicap No Valid Permit
  19. Unauthorized Parking
  20. More Than One Space
  21. No Parking Zone
  22. Blocked Driveway/Aisle

All outstanding citations must be paid prior to obtaining a new permit.

Citations and Appeals

  1. A person who wishes to appeal the receipt of a parking ticket must complete an online appeal and attach any supporting documentation within 30 days of receipt of the notice.
  2. Appeals may be submitted or filed to the email, fax, or mailing address listed on the citation received. After reviewing the facts, the Parking Services team will decide to void or dismiss. If email is used a response will received if following the full appeal process. USM Parking Services decision is final, no additional appeals will be given. Our vendors may help us to review or resolve all disputes.

Pay or appeal a citation

Phone: 877-302-7275
Please note:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a fine on my record that I am appealing. Can I still get a parking permit?

No. All outstanding fines, including those under appeal, must be paid in full, or the appeal must be approved.

What happens if I receive a bill for past due parking fines and I do not want to pay it?

Failure to pay parking fines may result in your vehicle being towed, and being reported to Community Standards and Student Financial Services for further consequences.

I parked on the street and got a ticket, what do I do?

The University of Southern Maine does not have control over street parking. You must contact the town where you received the citation. Look for contact information on your citation.


Illegal parking and If citations equal or exceed a total of $165 your vehicle may be towed. Citations do not need to be paid before releasing your vehicle. All towing fees must be paid to the towing company. Towing companies used are listed below. USM does not require your citation fee to be paid in order to release your vehicle from the tow company.

A motor vehicle may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense including but not limited to:

  1. Vehicles parked on campus during 30 day permit suspension 
  2. A total of $165 or more have accumulated for student/employee/visitor member affiliated with vehicle(s) 
  3. Parking within twenty (20) feet of a fire hydrant or in a manner that impedes fire-fighting efforts 
  4. Obstructing a roadway or a fire lane 
  5. Parking in designated emergency vehicle parking 
  6. Displaying invalid registration plates, or the abandonment of a vehicle for more than or equal to  30 days 
  7. Hindering snow removal operations/ snow ban rules.
  8. Unauthorized parking during University designated vacation periods, snowstorms and parking  bans 
  9. When a vehicle has been towed, the vehicle owner should contact the towing company. The university does not require payment of citation(s) to release the vehicle.


  • Nappi’s Towing: 207-797-4660
  • Yaz Towing: 207-400-7040


  • Phillips & Son: 207-839-4975
  • Wyman’s Auto Body: 207-839-6401