Lewiston-Auburn Campus (LAC) parking

There is open parking for students, faculty, and staff at LAC. No permit or payment is required.

Portland & Gorham campus parking & permits


Your digital parking account will provide you with an overview of the designated parking lots for students, faculty, and staff. You can also review designated parking lots & locations.

Parking lot rules

Visit HonkMobile for specific lot rules. Select Book Now to see rules.

Your specific permit rules

  1. On the app: Download the HONK APP & click on Active Sessions OR My Parking Spots.
  2. Online access: Log in, go to menu, select parking sessions, select permits.

Setting up your virtual parking account

Entering your license plate information

You will be asked to provide your license plate information. It is important that your license plate information is entered correctly or you may be subject to a citation.

  • Personalized Plates: For example, if your plate reads “A B C – 123”. Enter “ ABC-123 “.
  • Vehicles without a license plate: Register the temporary license plate. Once you receive your vehicle’s permanent license plate you must update your digital account.

Registering multiple vehicles

Ensure the plate is active of the vehicle driving on campus. You may register up to three vehicles. Select the vehicle you are driving on campus. Only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time. If you need to have more than one vehicle on campus at a time, the second vehicle must be registered and paid under a separate permit or paid parking session. If more than one vehicle is found on campus without the purchase of an additional permit, both vehicles will be cited. A permit or paid parking session is required at all times when parking on campus.

Permit & Vendor fees

Permits that are not covered by the Comprehensive Fee and/or paid out-of-pocket will have additional vendor fees at the time of payment. Vendor Fees are applied to payment transactions to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free parking experience. They support the maintenance and improvement of the app, ensuring reliable services and customer support. All permit rates/Vendor fees are subject to change.

Designated permits & costs

Note: a permit fee may apply to all permits.

Commuter students

  • USM commuter students: $0
  • OLLI students: $25

Resident Students

Portland Residents:

Gorham Residents:

  • First-Year Resident Student: $0
  • Upper-Class Resident/RA Student: $0
  • Full/Part-Time Staff & Part-Time Faculty: $25/year
  • Full-Time Faculty: $35/year
  • Residential Directors: $25/year
  • Retiree: $0
  • Intern: $35
  • Public: $80 to $140/month
  • Residential Live-In: $25/annually

Cost: $0

Vehicle and Motorcycle cannot be parked on campus at the same time. Must have valid license plates. Residents are restricted to one vehicle on campus. Visitors should abide pay the hourly rate. Students/Staff/Faculty are required to enter the plate # under their account

There is no cost for a bicycle permit. Learn about bike storage and our bike policy.

There is no cost for a carpool permit. Learn about benefits and our carpool policy.

USM/UMS System – Email Parking Services to submit your plate # before arriving on campus during office hours or scan the UMS QR code at the parking window.

Vendors should contact Parking Services and request a vendor permit.