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The University of Southern Maine Master Plan

Glenn CummingsThank you for taking the time to visit the University of Southern Maine's (USM's) Master Planning pages. Essential to the future of our students, our campuses and surrounding communities, the Master Plan will help us align space needs, facility needs, and campus needs and allow the University to chart an exciting long-term strategy for growth that supports its academic mission.

The master planning process seeks to involve and engage three groups:

  1. Leading the process is a Steering Committee comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community representatives. The Committee is co-chaired by Provost Jeannine Uzzi and community member Cyrus Hagge.
  2. Supporting the Steering Committee and facilitating the process are consultants with Harriman & Associates, Goody Clancy, and Rickes Associates.
  3. Providing input and feedback to the Steering Committee are the faculty, staff, and students of USM as well as the communities that surround our three campuses.

As the Steering Committee enters the next phase of the master planning process, different options will be developed and then shared in March 2018 with our internal and external communities to receive input and feedback. The Steering Committee will use that feedback to refine the options and then come back to the USM community, partners, and neighbors again for additional feedback opportunities.

The Committee expects to finalize their work by the end of May 2018, presenting the final proposal to the University community and others in June 2018. The final proposal will include recommendations for immediate action, as well as plans for both short-term planning and a framework for long-term aspirational planning.

I want to stress how important this process is to the future of USM, and how important you are to the process. A successful master plan will not only help us improve the look and feel of our campuses and surrounding neighborhoods, it will also help to increase enrollment, strengthen our academic programs, raise aspirations, and contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the university.

Glenn Cummings
University of Southern Maine



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