Property Management

USM Surplus Store

The USM Surplus Store is a unique community resource that promotes reuse and repurposing of materials. When a university department no longer wants or needs something, the items become "surplus" under the Office of Property Management. The majority of these items end up at the USM Surplus Store, located on the USM Portland Campus in the lower level of Sullivan Gym at 66 Falmouth Street. 

Check out our new video about the store here!

How does it work?

Items to be used professionally, on campus, by USM Faculty & Staff are FREE! Most items are also for sale to the general public at afforable prices. 

The Surplus Store has a variety of used items from office supplies to file cabinets, book shelves, rolling & stationary chairs, work tables, desks, and more. There are also computer peripherals such as speakers, keyboards, cords, chargers, monitors, printers and other electronics. The inventory is constantly changing! If you are looking for something in particular, it's best to call ahead or to stop by and bring your measurements. 

Wondering how decisions are made about what to do with surplus property at USM?

Check out this USM Surplus Property Decision Tree flow chart to help demystify the process. 

The Surplus Store has a Facebook page that is regularly updated with new inventory and annoucements. Please visit and "like" our page to help spread the word about this great resource and to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings. Please note that things often move fast, so it's best to get in touch if you are at all interested. 

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