Recent USM Convocations (partial list):

2021-2023: “The Rivers To Which We Belong:” Grounding Indigenous Presence and Sovereignty
2020-2021: Indigenous Peoples: Recognizing and Repairing Harms of Colonized Systems
2018-2019: Race and Trauma
2017-2018: Race and Participatory Democracy
2010-2011: Faculty Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity
2007-2009: Academic Freedom
1999-2000: Diaspora: Meaning of Home
1992-1993: Encounters: Legacy of Columbus
1990-1991: Worlds in Flux, East Asia
1989-1990: Worlds in Flux, Latin America
1988-1989: Worlds in Flux, Soviet Union
1987-1988: The Constitution: Roots, Rights, and Responsibilities
1986-1987: The Arts in Our Lives
1984-1985: Peace and War in the Nuclear Age
1983-1984: Age of the Computer
1982-1983: Changing Roles of Men and Women
1981-1982: The City

Selected events, programs, and resources from various Convocation activities are archived in USM’s Special Collections University Archives, and on USM’s Digital Commons.