Recovery Oriented Campus Center

The Recovery Oriented Campus Center (ROCC) at the University of Southern Maine is a collegiate recovery center (CRC), fostering a supportive community for students in recovery from substance use and other mental health conditions. Learn more about Recovery Oriented Campus Center.

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The Recovery Oriented Campus Center

We Are The ROCC

The Recovery Oriented Campus Center (the ROCC)- A history in images. Click through the gallery of images to see the ROCC: The People, events, and experiences.
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USM Recovery Stories

Inspiring stories from some of USM's incredible students. Read about the amazing journeys of these ROCC stars, and what recovery means for them.
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Substance Misuse Prevention

Understanding one's level of risk is the first step in Preventing a Substance Use Problem.


Choose ScreenU to learn if you might be at risk of developing a Substance Use Disorder