Certified Public Accountant

Accounting programs including the Accounting Ceritificate program will prepare students to be eligible for licensure within the State of Maine. Visit the UMS State Authorization and Licensure page to learn more about the licensure requirements in other states and territories, and for contact information to inquire further about the licensure requirements associated with this program.

Certified Financial Planner

The School of Business maintains a CFP Board Registered Financial Planning Program that satisfies the course work requirement to sit for the CFP certification exam. Students who successfully complete the Program will receive a certificate of completion that can be presented to the CFP Board. CFPs are financial advisors that guide individuals in a variety of areas such as retirement planning, investing, insurance, estate planning, risk management, and taxes.

  • License: Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • License Website: CFP Board Certification Process  (please note the two part education requirement includes earning a bachelors degree or higher).

Additional Information: The Board-registered Program at the University of Southern Maine requires the student to complete the following courses:

  • FIN 321 Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 327 Investment Management
  • FIN 499 Financial Planning Capstone
  • RMI 320 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
  • RMI 330 Health, Life, and Disability Insurance
  • ACC/FIN 3XX Estate Planning (the course number is under revision.)
  • ACC 413 Concepts and Strategies in Taxation

For More information on required courses and the program visit the catalog for more details.