Service-Learning & Volunteering

STEM Sisters Leadership Lab: Science & Storytelling

September 19, 2017
12:00 PM to 12:30 PM
Woodbury Auditorium

Science lets us understand how the world works. Storytelling lets us tell all the other people, who don't understand science, how the world works.

Bring your own lunch! All USM women interested in STEM are invited to learn how to marry Science and the art of Storytelling in this 1.5 hour workshop. Learn about STEM Sisters, a new initiative out of Service-Learning and Volunteering, which aims to connect young women on STEM pathways at USM to young girls in Portland area high schools to raise STEM and Higher Education Aspirations.

Sign up for STEM Sisters, learn how to improve your storytelling skills which will help you engage in presentations for class, for work, for that thesis, for community advocacy, and for self-advocacy.

Emily Bernhard has produced, directed and written both short and long form documentaries, episodes in reality series, PSA's, segments for news magazines, commercials and industrials for a broad range of clients including National Geographic, PBS, History, NOVA scienceNow!, and American Public Television. She has led documentary expeditions to the Britannic at the bottom of the Aegean Sea, the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the Mediterranean, Loch Ness in Scotland and the Pyramids in Egypt. Her documentaries have won a number of awards including the Telly, two Cine Golden Eagles, the Science Journalists Award and two Boston/New England Emmys®. In addition, she has worked both below and above the line on small, independent feature films.

Meg Gray brings scientists and change makers to the Portland Public Library and provides them a platform to share their research and studies with the public in the Portland Area. As a Science Library, she has worked with countless number of presenters and workshop facilitators to improve their presentation skills based on the audience, work on the methodologies of high impact, high engagement gatherings, and touches on the human and personal aspects of interdisciplinary encounters.

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