Student Government Association

49th Student Senate (2020-2021)

Student Senate Officers and Committee Chairs:

Jon ThompsonStudent Senate Chair

Marcella Marino, Student Senate Vice-Chair / Chair of the Executive Board

Mary SwansonStudent Senate Parliamentarian / Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee

Raven Davis-Bailey, Student Senate Treasurer / Chair of the Finance Committee

Justin Gross, Student Senate Clerk


Student Senators:

Sumaya Mohamed

Jordon Jasper

Nathaniel Dukes

Ella Butts

Michael Robinson

Ryan Courbron

Tawane Sheikh

Najma Mohamed

Hamdi Omar

Gabrielle Thompson

Rahmo Sheikh

Amran Osman

Sameera Aryie

Spencer Morrissey

Cameron Thomas Nelson



Please note that currently there are not any vacancies in the Senate for residential, commuter, or at large students. Any matriculated student may join by filling out an application and receiving an affirmative vote. To obtain an application, please use the online application.