Phone Features for Faculty and Staff


Auto Dial

The Auto Dial key allows a user to program a frequently used number on a key for immediate dialing.

To Program

1. Without lifting the handset, press the Auto Dial key.
2. Enter number to be programmed followed by the auto dial key again.

Note: If the phone number you are programming is off campus, you must enter 9 first and if the number you are programming is long distance, your long distance authorization code is required.

To use

1. Lift the handset or press the directory number key.
2. Press the Auto Dial key and the number is dialed automatically.

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Call Forward

By activating the Call Forward key on your phone, your calls will ring at another extension or go directly into your voice mailbox.

To Activate

1. Without lifting the handset press the Forward key (flashing indicator)
2. Enter the number where you would like your calls forwarded
3. Press Done or the Forward key again (steady indicator)
4. To test, dial your own extension.

You may forward your calls to a non USM phone number or a cell phone. Be sure to press 9 before entering the outside number.


To Cancel

1. Press the Forward key (indicator goes off)

NOTE: To forward to the same number that was previously entered, press the Forward key twice.


For Remote Call Forwarding See Voice Mail


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Call Forward No Answer

After a preset number of rings (3,4, or 6), unanswered calls will be forwarded to another extension or to a voice mailbox. This feature is programmed by Telecommunications.


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Call Park

When a call is parked, it is placed on hold on an extension, but not on a particular phone. The call is held in limbo and can be retrieved at any other telephone in the system.

To Park a call

1. Press the conference key.
2. Dial 171 and enter the extension where you wish to park the call. (If you do not enter the extension, the call will be parked on the extension of the phone which answered the call).
3. Press the conference key again.

To Retrieve a parked call

1. Lift the handset on any phone in the system.
2. Dial 172 followed by the extension that the call is parked on.


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Call Pickup

A call ringing at an unstaffed extension in your call pick up group can be answered from another telephone by pressing the call pick up key. Call pick up groups are programmed by Telecommunications.


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The Conference key may join up to six parties (yourself included) in a conference call.

NOTE: The initiating party will be charged for all long distance calls placed during the conference call (five simultaneous long distance calls are possible).

1. While on a call, press the Conference key.
2. You will hear three quick tones followed by a dial tone and the first call is put on hold.
3. Dial the number of the next party to join the call. (For long distance calls, be sure to dial 16 + authorization code + 9 + number)
4. When the call is answered, you may talk privately.
5. Press conference key again to join all parties.
6. Repeat this procedure for up to six parties including yourself.


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Calls within your office can be placed by dialing two digit extensions. When you receive an intercom call, your phone will ring once on your intercom line and you may lift the handset to answer it. This key is programmed by Telecommunications.

1. Press the Intercom key.
2. Dial the two digit intercom number.


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Last Number Redial

The last number you dialed will be automatically redialed by pressing the key with your extension on it twice.


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The Message key is programmed by Telecommunications to automatically dial directly into your voice mailbox.


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You may press the Redial key during a call and the phone number you are connected with will be stored on the redial key. Also, a phone number may be stored by manually entering it.

1. Press the Redial key.
2. Enter the phone number.
3. Press the Redial key again.


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Ring Again

This feature notifies you when a called party has completed their call and hung up. Ring again only works when you receive a busy signal and the call is an on-campus call. If you call someone on campus and get their voice mailbox, the feature will not work.

1. Press the Ring Again key when you dial a number and get a busy signal.
2. Hang up
3. When you hear the ring again tone, select a free line and press Ring Again to automatically dial the number.

To Cancel

1. Press the Ring Again key.


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Speed Calling

By assigning a phone number a speed call code, the number can be dialed by entering it's one or two digit code.


To program

1. Without lifting the handset, press the Speed Call key. (You will see a flashing indicator beside the key)
2. Enter a one or two digit speed call code that you wish to assign..
3. Dial the number to be stored (remember "9" before the number for off campus dialing).
4. Press the Speed Call key again (Number is stored and flashing indicator goes off).


To use

Lift the handset and press the Speed Call key followed by the speed call code.


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Stored Number Redial

This feature is identical to Auto Dial except you may also program the stored number during an active call. If during a call you realize that you will have to call this number again just press the Stored Number Redial key and the key is programmed with the number dialed. Later, when you want to dial that number again, simply lift your handset and press the Stored Number Redial key and the number is dialed automatically.


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There are two ways used for transferring calls and depending on which features are programmed on your phone, will determine the method of transferring.

If you phone has a Transfer key

1. While on a call, press the Transfer Key. (call is temporarily placed on hold)
2. Enter the extension you wish to transfer the call to and announce the transfer in privacy.
3. Press the Transfer key  
4. Hang up.

If your phone has a Conference key

1. Press the Conference key (this places the caller on hold).
2. Dial the number and announce the transfer in privacy.
3. Press the Conference key again, this will join all three parties.
4. Press the Release (RLS) key or hang up.


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