Speech Recognition

On-campus and trying to reach a resident student, faculty/staff member or department? Just dial 88 on any on-campus phone and speak the person's name or say a department name to be directed to a department listing . It's that simple!

The application is easy to use. Here are some hints to maximize your success:

  • Speak naturally and avoid using extra words such as "please," "may I speak to," etc. After the prompt, just say the name of the person you want to speak with.
  • Speak at your normal volume. The technology is less effective when speaking at a high volume.
  • Because of background noise and the limitations of the technology, avoid using speakerphones. Likewise, cell phones are supported but may sometimes pose challenges.
  • This voice application emulates the conversation you might have with an operator. Therefore, if the system does not quite understand what you've asked for on the first try, it may ask some additional questions such as "repeat the first name," or "spell the last name."
  • If you are asked to spell a name, spell it naturally. Do not qualify the letters such as "B-as in boy." Don't worry if you misspell the name. If the system cannot determine the name you are looking for, you will be routed to the campus operator automatically.

This system works at all three main USM sites: Portland, Gorham and Lewiston