Telecommunications Charges

For NEW landline telephone services, accessories, technical services and
 telephone upgrades
please use our on-line service request form
to submit your request visit our Forms Page and complete the Work Order (RT).


Installation of telephone*or fax line with existing  jack. Telephone installation includes NON-Display 2008 set. For more set options see phone and accessory listings below.
*Voice mailbox will not be installed if a name is not assigned to the extension.

Move telephone/fax line $50.00
Swap 2 telephones $50.00
Tri-swap, swap 3 telephones $75.00
Changing type of telephone line (multi line to single line) $50.00

Conference phone set-up*

*Advance notice is required (2-3 days)

New jack installation CAT3 $100.00
New jack installation CAT6 $125.00


Upgrading all sets

cost of phone + $50.00


Adding voicemail to an existing phone $25.00
Build menu $25.00
New Mailbox $25.00
Install a guest voice mailbox $40.00
Menu Changes (after one month grace period) $15.00
Feature changes on telephone $15.00


M2008 Non-display phone $0.00
M3904 display/speaker phone
Headsets: Recommended Model Plantronics CS540. To learn more, Click HERETelecommunications Equipment $205.00
12' ash handset cord $3.00
25' ash handset cord $6.00
25' base cord. $3.00

**Cost of phone only (prices may vary), installation or phone swap is an additional charge.
Includes two year warranty. Phone replacement after warranty expiration will incur additional equipment charges.

Please allow up to 10 working days for the completion of a request. Conference phone set-up requires 2-3 days advance notice.

Work Orders (RT)

Log in to UTSC (University Technology Service Center) Request Tracker (RT) for all work orders including, but not limited to, moving/installing phone and computer lines, installing new jacks (phone and/or data), ordering headsets, adding voice mail, making changes to menus, ordering handset/base cards and upgrading phones.

Once you have logged into RT, please make sure to include your chartfield combination and a detailed request for services in the "Describe the issue below" box.

Login to RT

Phone Charges