A few housekeeping notes:

If you did not pick up your poster ahead of time, they will be available at Abromson Center

Sessions are being held at the Abromson Center and the Glickman Library

AV for Oral sessions is provided in each room. Arrive a little early so IT can help you set up your presentation

USM President Edmondson

SMCC President Cassidy

Abedom GebreyesusA path to self-leadership for young adulthood immigrants in America
Andrew ParentThe Well-being of Healthcare Leaders
Annelise TomPark and Recreational Programs Teach Social Skills that Translate to Leadership Skills
Bradi SladekDetecting Marine Bivalve Transmissible Neoplasia (marBTN) in Mya arenaria
Brian BarnesLeading Development of Skilled Workers: Transforming Unskilled Labor to Skilled Craft Labor in the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry
Brooke WilsonA Review: In Vitro Testing of Intestinal Organoids for Personalized Drug Therapy
Cara Davis ThortonParents’ Perceptions of Maine Public School Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Emily Cornell du HouxIlluminating the brain: a review of bioluminescent optogenetics for neuronal mapping and repair
Josh ShunkSeeking the Presence of Seal eDNA Based on Visual Confirmation of Seals
Jules Olbrantz“My pulling is very different with [my dog] around”: An Inquiry Into Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) and Human-Animal Connection
Kaitlin AdeloyeIncidental Leadership: A Study of Unintentional Leaders
Katie SeelenWho Has Control in the Courtroom?: Maine Attorneys’ Perceptions of Coercive Control in Family Matters Cases and Systemic Challenges to Ensuring Positive Outcomes for Families Post-Separation
Lilliandra LaPanneGenetics in Endometriosis: A Review of Genes Responsible for Disease Progression
Lori GibsonExploring Boundary Conditions and Outcomes of Shared Leadership: An Integrative Literature Review
Maddie McGlynnThe relative growth rate of Tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta (L.) in response to glyphosate-based herbicide
Mickayla WatermanConceptual Analysis of Social-Emotional Learning
Missy KettellCreativity and the Introverted Leader
Morgan RegnierEffects of sublethal exposure to imidacloprid on respiration in the Common Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga bullata Parker, 1916, during low and high-energy activities
Olga KoniPreventing the Potentially Lost Generation of multilingual Students
Samuel SmithAre There More Positive or Negative Effects to Having ‘Veterans Preference’?
Tiana GarlandThe Genetics of Metabolizing Alcohol
Valérie TonigoldComparing Ocean currents with primary productivity
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 109Moderator: Benjamin Bertram
Panel:What will AI do to us? Social, Economic, and Cultural Change
Katie SchoolsAI Labor: Unemployment and the New Economy
Alec PalmerThe Possibilities and Ethics of Sex with Artificially Intelligent Robots
Sydney FranksPoetry in Motion: Language, Creativity, and Artificial Intelligence
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 110Moderator: Cassandra Dove
Liam KeohaneInvestigating the Effects of Primary Protein Structure Modification on Collagen Triple Helix Repeat Containing 1
Shannon ConnorsA Qualitative Study Based on the Success and Benefit of Equine Massage Therapy
Greyson KurtzA Guide to Vowel Pronunciation in Passamaquoddy, Abenaki, and Penobscot
Sarah LarsonA Comprehensive View of Children’s Opera in the State of Maine
Abromson, 1st floor, Hannaford HallModerator: Michael Davis
Zahra JahedibashizThe effective searching of mathematical content within digital libraries
Dean SyedMaine municipal provision of digital services and information
Killian Hadsell, Silas Gordon, William Morris, and Jeremy HeplerSAE Aero Design
Glickman Library, Cohen Center (1st floor, Room 103)Moderator: Cheryl Laz
Dipper CastaldoFlashlights in a Cave: Peer Support as a Post-carceral Necessity
Andrea CarpenterBarriers to addiction recovery for the LGBTQ Community
Elizabeth GloverIncorporating Transnational Feminist Theory into Applied Practice
Gracie TreadwellThe Unconstitutionality of Dress Codes
Glickman Library, UER (7th floor) Moderator: Karen Wilson
Leah ZwainSynthesizing Old & New: East Greenland’s Long Term Climate Trends
Kimberley CroryInvestigating lake habitat use by juvenile alewife using stable isotope natural tags
Sage TocciDetermining the Mobility of the Blacklegged Tick, Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae), on Different Fabric Substrates.
Samantha HobgoodInvasive Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud, influence on above-ground biomass and diversity in a coastal salt marsh ecosystems
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 109Moderator: Benjamin Bertram
Panel:What will we do to AI? Moral and Political Responsibilities
Jenny SilerFiction and the Problem of Other (Artificial) Minds
Ellie McKibbenArtificial Intelligence and Empathy
Janessa RobertsAI, Androids, Sex, and Techno-Orientalism
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 110Moderator: Irina Grigoryeva
Masen PelletierGeneration of optogenetic-inducible brown adipocytes for treatment of metabolic disease
Patrick DuffyOrganic chemistry, computational chemistry, and spectroscopy
Claire MorrowAnalyzing miRNA Expression in Cortical Bone of Mice Treated with Morphine
Maryam MahdiMHIR internship presentation
Wadak HarbiTRPV-1 Expression in Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Glickman Library, Cohen Center (1st floor, Room 103)Moderator: Michael Davis
Aleksandra MilinovicSemantic Segmentation for Quantification of Patterns in Biological Images
Daniel NoelDevelopment of Thrust Measurement Device with Stand
Dahnesh UptonCompact FM Transmitter Design for Wireless Operation of MEMS Capacitive Vibration Sensors Part II
Kevin NolanPlanar Laser Induced Fluorescence for High-Speed Imaging of Fuel Injections
Glickman Library, UER (7th floor) Moderator: Ashley Towle
Kayla GraffamGorham and the Gallant 16th Maine: Ordinary Maine Men in the Civil War
Hannah LeitzellOur Duty to Regulate Online Pornography as Exemplified by Differences Between “Porno Chic” and PornHub
Satya WilliamsLeslie Caron’s Role in An American in Paris (1951) and the Costuming of a Dancer
Corra St PierreGenesis of Karen

Adam MacLeanTopological Optimization of a Hip Joint Prosthetic
Athene GoveUnderwater Glider
Brady SpeedHeavy metal uptake in common species of mushrooms in the USM Smart Forest in Gorham, Maine
Charlie GranthamCOVID-19 Prevalence and Trends Among Pregnant and Postpartum Individuals in Maine by Rurality and Pregnancy Conditions
Daniel FransiscusDesign of a Thermoplastic Remelt Process to Improve Material Properties of 3D-printed Objects
David BreenRigid Body Simulation With Hardware In the Loop Visualization
Derek TillosonFinite Element Analysis of Composite Sporting Good Shafts
Eric MutombuHigh-Power RF load using flange resistors
Grayson St. PierreHigh Pressure Fuel Pumping System
Jacob IngerUsing Experiential Mock Medical Devices to Assess Rural vs Urban Issues in Advanced Medical Device Therapy
Jackson Reed ElwellDesign of a Multispectral Imager for Remote Sensing Applications
Johanna McGinleyMedia portrayal of alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) in the Northeastern and the Great Lakes regions of the United States over time
Kabwit E MutshailaCoaster Car 2.0
Katie SeelenWho Has Control in the Courtroom?: Maine Attorneys’ Perceptions of Coercive Control in Family Matters Cases and Systemic Challenges to Ensuring Positive
Kimberly BrightPBIS in the Classroom: a Study of Student Engagement and Connectedness
Liam Mertens-HarkerSoil Elemental Analysis of the U.S.M. Smartforest
Lydia BadoseDesign and Simulation of a Bridge Lifting Mechanism
Meredith OlivariMindful Reflection as a Tool for Social Emotional Learning
Nickolas LittlefieldUtilizing Few-Shot Meta Learning Algorithms for Medical Image Segmentation
Quentin PenleyDiesel Engine Exhaust Bench Reactor
Ryan O’DonnellDesign and Build an Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
Scott LightbodyUSM Coster car suspension
Simeon WilleyDeployable Origami Cube Sat Panels
Spencer SmithReal-Time Filters
Tanner HebertMicrowave Pole
Tyler MatulonisWater-Well Pump-Pulling Wheel
Victoria BradfordSocial Justice with Children’s Literature
Yannick Noah Iradukunda3D-printed prosthetic hand
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 109Moderator: Lisa Walker
Bella Shannon“Give and Take”: The Re-selling Movement in the Thrift Store Industry and its Social and Environmental Consequences
Michael FosterThird-party Tax Preparation and the Earned Income Tax Credit
Katie SchoolsStruggles Over the Tipped Minimum Wage in Maine
Kaila MooreThe Problem with Student Retention at USM
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 110Moderator: Julie Ziffer
Corbin GloverAnalysis of Maine’s Coastal water and Soil Solidity
Jason PichetteGulf of Maine Wave-height Analysis with Generalizable Julia Codebase
Zander SolakForty Years of Cyclical Temperature Patterns in The Gulf of Maine
Lily MooreLong term Gulf Stream and Labrador Current Mixing Trends in the Gulf of Maine
Zoe JoppWorking Together for the Past: Casco Bay Islands and Public Archaeology
Glickman Library, Cohen Center (1st floor, Room 103)Moderator: R. Bruce Thompson
Medar EdmondExploring the Perception of Leadership Failures that led to the Current Socio-Economic Situation in Haiti and its Impact on the Daily Lives of the Haitian People
Abigail HarrisIdentity Management in Permanent Digital Spaces
Caroline DavisMyth/Man: William Shakespeare and the Tradition of Queerness in Theatre
Allison BoyceThe Mindful Leader: Bringing Mindfulness to Leadership Roles
Glickman Library, UER (7th floor) Moderator: Michaela Reagan
Patricia Kayoyo MasengoThe effect of Bone Marrow Adipocytes on Myeloma Cell Proliferation, Lipid uptake, and ROS Production
Hannah FelicianoAnalyzing Changes in Gene Expression in an Osteoclast-Specific Knockout of β2-Adrenergic Receptor
Cassie GilhamEffects of lncRNA Dio3os on Sociability and the Oxytocin System
Lumiere BisimwaLoss of BNIP3 affects osteoblast differentiation through ROS generation
Haylee DuvalFatty acid binding proteins may modulate myeloma in Fabp4/5 double knockout mouse
Eva MachnitzkyAnti-inflammatory Effects of Tranexamic Acid
Hannaford HallJamie Picardy, Moderator
Emma DonnellyExploring Barriers to Emergency Contraception on Post-Secondary Campuses in Maine
Ava EllisEconomic Empowerment Through Art
Nancy FlaggThe Flagg Independence Scale
Sarah SturtevantMaine’s Housing Crisis; worse than you think  AND more possible solutions than imagined