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-USM Students and Faculty, make sure your parking permits are up to date
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If you did not pick up your poster ahead of time, they will be available at Abromson Center

Sessions are being held at the Abromson Center, Portland Campus

Table easels are provided for posters.

AV for Oral sessions is provided in each room. Arrive a little early so IT can help you set up your presentation

USM Provost Dr. Georita Frierson

SMCC President Dr. Kristen Miller

Keynote Richard Bilodeau

Adam ReichertDegenerative Myopathy in German Shepherds
Alayna CareyWhy Autoimmune Diseases are more Prevalent in Women
Alexis Heald2-aminoadenine, a Fifth Nucleic Base and Enzymes that Help Create It
Angela GillespieInvestigating the most effective performance feedback practices through Performance Reviews
April M. GuraThe Benefits of Teaching Young Adults Leadership Skills in the Early Stages of Their Academics
Bar MishorShould Leaders be Promoted or Hired?
Bartley L. CardonEssential Tremor – A Syndrome in Search of a Genetic Origin. Genes or Gene?
Bekhruz AvganovAcetaminophen pharmacogenomics
Cait RushA Study of Diet Culture in LGBTQIA+ Women’s Communities
Cici BerthiaumeTeam Participation and Peer Motivation Builds Leaders in Female Athletes
Cortney LuceHarnessing the Power of Phage Therapy
Hannah DeAngelisWe would not be afraid of death: A study of social work and chaplaincy in end-of-life care
Hannah Goldstein, Jasper BennettSexual Minority Attitudes in Response to Ingroup Threat: Intraminority Relations between Cisgender Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Asexual Individuals
Haylee DuvalCharacterization of Fabp4 & Fabp5 double knockout mouse for future myeloma applications
Henry FleurySupergene Mimicry in Papilio polytes
Iman AlaariIs There A Connection Between Simpson’s Biodiversity and Air Tempature at Casco Bay High School?
Jake PeaveyEnhancing Student-Athlete Well-Being through Effective Leadership in College Athletics
Jasmine KingGenetic Linkage Between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Mice
Jessica McPhailGuaranteed Income: What Would It Take to Bring to Washington County, Maine?
Lucas R GirardIntegration of Bulk- and Single-cell RNA-seq samples from zebrafish caudal fin amputation delineates long-term molecular consequences of early life stress
Lucas R GirardThe Gut Microbiome: A Microbial View of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Mardoqueu G. WemboObserving and Diagnosing down syndrome in chimps
May PilchPer3 Polymorphism and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
McKenzie RoyInvestigating the Impact of Mentorship in Leadership Development
Nancy FlaggMentee Plenty: Braided Mentorship, An Organization Development Opportunity
Olive (Lotus) LukeInfluence of Gene Expression and Regulation on Bird Song
Owen SullivanLeadership In College Athletics
Rachel AllenLived Experiences of Individuals who underwent First Time Telehealth Eating Disorder Treatment
Samuel CousinsAnalyzing the Control of Stem Cell Division in Planarian Regeneration
Samuel CousinsAltruistic Microbes: The Role Abortive Infection Systems Play in Safeguarding Bacterial Communities
Sol AdamsModelling the Evolutionary Dynamics of a Complex Mating System in Flowering Plants
Sydney Bebus, Kristin Palmsten, Heather S. Lipkind, Christina M. Ackerman-BanksNon-emergency department outpatient healthcare utilization in the first 24 months’ postpartum by rurality and pregnancy complications: a prospective cohort study from Maine
Tye LynchFrom Under the Bed and Into the Streets: The use of Queer Utopias and the fight against Homonormativity in Little Monsters (1989)
Valérie TonigoldComparing Ocean currents with primary productivity
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 109Large Poser Presentation
Karen Wilson, Vanessa Levesque, Joseph Staples, Lisa Hibl, Rachel BouvierHot Stuff: Climate Science and Action
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 110Moderator: Catherine Miller
Ryan IlligDecoding Neutrophil-Bacteria Interactions: A Study on Vital NET Formation Induced by Common Bacterial Pathogens
Wadak HarbiTRPV1 and PRDX2 in Adipocyte Development
Patrick DuffySynthesis and Computational Modeling of Phenyl-Substituted Silafluorenes
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 213MaineHealth: Igor Prudovsky
Morgan-Carter MoultonInactivation of mesoderm specific transcript (MEST) in female mice alters physical activity and hypothalamic transcriptome
Miranda SilvaVariations in Dio3 expression due to Different Genetic Backgrounds of Mice
Masen PelletierLight-Induced Activation of Engineered Brown Adipocytes
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 214Moderator: Joseph Staples
Sage TocciComparing Ixodes scapularis Say (Acari: Ixodidae ) density against ground-dwelling arthropod diversity
Brady SpeedMammal diversity of a deciduous and coniferous forest in Southern Maine in relation to tick density
Lily OrthThe Impact of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud on Biodiversity, Emergent Biomass, and Nutrient Availability in a Salt Marsh Ecosystem
Shannon ConnorsA Qualitative Study Based on the Success and Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 215Moderator: Michael Davis
Daniel NoelVibrational Testing of Pediatric Medical Device
Logan ButlerLocal Autonomous Oceanic Drifter Advancement Project
Joshua BrobstThe Mathematical Struggle: A Peer’s Review of Mathematics Education
Lilith Lumiere LariviereExploring Gulf of Maine Eddy Mixing Trends Through Satellite Sea Surface Temperature Data
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 216Moderator: Elizabeth Goryunova
Christine A. DoucetteLeader as Change Agent – the Value of a Leaders Role in Organizational Change
Erika G. KinlawThe Role of Transformational and Transactional Leadership Theories and Emotional Intelligence While Veterans Lead: A Phenomenological Study
Allison BoyceThe Mindful Leader: Bringing Mindfulness to Leadership
Lauren CornelioExamining the Effects of Leadership-Fostered Organizational Priorities on Employee Mental Health: A Phenomenological Research Approach
Abromson, 1st floor, Hannaford HallModerator: Malinda Haslett
Josie LawrenceThe Girl From Ipanema: Honoring the Legacy of Astrud Gilberto Through Song
Alma KenowGraphic scores and the influence of visual art on music
Isabella StCyrThe Nadia Influence
Caroline WoodsLyric Pronunciation Guide for Portuguese Music, including Portuguese Speaking Africa, Brazil, and Portugal
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 109Large Poser Presentation
Karen Wilson, Vanessa Levesque, Joseph Staples, Lisa Hibl, Rachel BouvierHot Stuff: Climate Science and Action
Abromson, 1st floor, Room 110Moderator: Cassandra Dove
Adrien MelansonContextualizing and investigating enhanced mechanical and functional properties in NiTi-based shape memory alloys
Jared DavisFlexible Bioinspired Helicoidal Microstructures for Dynamic Impact Resistance
Christian TaylorREACH – Reasonably-priced Extremities and Artificial Limbs for Change
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 213MaineHealth: Igor Prudovsky
Noor AbduljaleelTranexamic acid suppresses the apoptosis of endothelial cells in absence of growth factors
Katherine KnoxResearching the role of fatty acid binding proteins in the bone microenvironment of mice injected with murine myeloma cells
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 214Moderator: Michael Cauvel
Makala GreeneBargaining Power and Job Quality in the U.S.
Mickayla DussaultRural Attitudes Towards Resource Allocation
Isabel SmithChange and continuity in production and significance of pottery: Perspectives of Zapotec women from San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca, Mexico
Jessilyn RichTransparent Trolls: Emotional and social impacts of social media communication in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trolling
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 215Moderator: Lisa Hibl
Satya WilliamsThe Ziegfeld Follies and the Costuming of Bessie McCoy
t love smith, Caroline WoodsTransgender Ecologies and Poetics
Zephyros CravenWitches on the Wind: Weather Magic in New England Folktales

Aaron M StokesAxial Flux Generator
Adrien MelansonContextualizing and investigating enhanced mechanical and functional properties in NiTi-based shape memory alloys
Ahmed OfleHow does Air Temperature in the CBHS wetlands affect mammal counts?
Askar AzeezThe Temperature and Mammals in The CBHS Wetlands
Billy KwizeraComparative Analysis of CMSIS DSP Library and Custom C Algorithm for Digital Equalizer Implementation
Brian Determan, Samantha BengsDrivers of Zooplankton and Juvenile Fish Distribution and Abundance in Casco Bay
Christian TaylorREACH – Reasonably-priced Extremities and Artificial Limbs for Change
Connor MarshAlabama Department of Corrections: A System Plagued By Injustice
Daniel NoelVibrational Testing of Pediatric Medical Device
Devin Chamberlain, Abby Pitcairn, Nick Snow, Ben SweeneyEvaluating Introductory Computer Science Labs in the Presence of AI Tools
Gage WhalenInvestigating Microbial Degradation of PFAS
Garrett GallantUSM-Socket; Prototyping a low-cost universal lower limb prosthetic socket
Graham HannonDesign and Manufacture of Cognate Four-Bar Linkages
Brian DetermanCharacterization of Fabp4 & Fabp5 double knockout mouse for future myeloma applications
Jared DavisFlexible Bioinspired Helicoidal Microstructures for Dynamic Impact Resistance
Jarod LinneSafety Engineering of USM Coaster Car
Joseph RumeryComputer Vision Algorithms for Micro-structure Analysis of Biological Materials
Kaitlyn MacPhee, Ruth Griffith, Chloë Sheahan, Kyle PellerinFostering community resilience: learning from Maine’s municipal governments
Carter Frank, Keeli Parker, Dean Syed, Elle Prescott, Emma Olney, Addie StoneCommunicating Resilience: Innovative rural municipal digital communication
Kelli M Gilzow StowellGrounded in Community
Lara ScottRe-Examining Accessibility
Larisa FilippovA Qualitative Study of Latina Fetishization
Lauren MitchellEvaluating Processing Methods for Preble Street Food Security Hub
Maryam NikniaFIR Filter Design Software
Natalie BarrettImmunological Analysis of Avipoxvirus in Wild and Domestic Avian Samples
Noah ShepherdLabVIEW System Operation of a Diesel Combustion Chamber
Nolan WinstonSteering System Design and Integration for the USM Coaster Car
Olivia BubarQuantification of Sensory Neurons in Drosophila
Paige ReynoldsOptimizing Soils of Coastal Maine
Ryan IlingInvestigating Vital Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Pathogen Response in Neutropenic Individuals
Shea DurginMathMex: Text to Image Search
Toussaint Christel Falangani and Abel SostreDual Concentric Conical Antenna Design
Ty BolducQueerness, Autism, and Intimacy: An Exploration of Intersecting Identities
Tyler CampLED Solar Simulator for Panel Testing
Urja PatelExamining Oral Health Disparities Among American Indian/Alaska Native Populations in the United States
Abromson, 2nd floor, Room 213MaineHealth:
Matthew H. MichaudCharacterization of adenylate metabolizing enzymes in critically ill patients with prophylactic antibiotic
Daniel FournierCTHRC1 Receptor Identification
Margeurite DallaireUnraveling the Mechanisms of High-Level Ceftaroline Resistance in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Insights from Carbapenem Exposure and Adaptive Pathways
Abromson, 2nd floor, Room 214Moderator: Rebecca Gibbons
Nicole MerosolaGlacial Cover in East Greenland: 1931 to Today
Robinson DoyleChatGPT and the Poverty of Stimulus
Riley WorthTomorrow Wars: AI and Uncrewed Systems in the US Military
Abromson, 2nd floor, Room 215Moderator: Ben Greenfield
Erin PriceRisk Assessment: PFAS in Maine’s Public Drinking Water System
Eleanor NasonNews Coverage of Mass Shootings
Bella Shannon“Give and Take”: The Re-selling Movement in the Thrift Store Industry and its Social and Environmental Consequences (Continued)
Abromson, 2nd Floor, Room 216Moderator: Julianne Siegfriedt
Tegan ByrneYou Are Not Alone: A Battle for Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault and the People Surrounding Them
Emilia TothFeminist Advocacy for Inclusive Democracy: Using Feminist Frameworks to Remove Voting Barriers
Abigayle MilewskiWhy We Need Radical Bureaucracy: Observations From Within the Walls of a Nonprofit and Movement Towards a Feminist Value System in Organizational Procedures
Athena BrownA Feminist Look at Medical Paternalism in Inpatient Mental Health Care: Who Defines Safety?
Hannaford HallModerator: Jamie Picardy
Katherine MuellerConcentrations of benzophenone-3 in Maine’s aquatic ecosystems and the potential impacts
Joseph Inabanza and Armandine TangiThe Alternative Juvenile Justice Project
Owen HillUsing an Emotional Fitness Paradigm to Improve Stress Mindset while Teaching Stress Reduction Techniques
Mickey McConnellCritical Success! Recommendations for Integrating Dungeons & Dragons with Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Charlie GranthamGiving Birth in Maine: A Qualitative Study
Mathew BourassaSo You Need to Sue Your School? A Litigation Aid for Maine’s Public School Students